posted 8 years ago

Best New Cars for £10,000

And the best new car for £10,000 is.... sorry – cannot tell you.

And the best new car for £10,000 is.... sorry – cannot tell you. Not until the title contenders have been properly poked, prodded, and subjected to a range of degrading tests. First under the microscope is the Ford Fiesta 1.25 Studio. This entry-level mile-muncher costs £9,995, averages 51.4mpg, and can be taxed for twelve months for only £95. These low running costs complement the Fiesta's rock-solid handling, decent gadget specification, and super-stylish looks. Fantastic little car, and certainly worthy of a bronze medal finish.

Passing the Ford Fiesta 1.25 Studio to claim the silver medal is the Volkswagen Polo 1.2 S. This Germanic run-around costs £9,995 too – and its average fuel consumption and emission figures are virtually identical to its rival. Performance is also similar, as both these podium finishers reach 62mph in roughly 16.5 seconds. The VW Polo beats the Fiesta as it feels slightly more robust, more complete, and its badge is rather fashionable.

So, the best new car for £10,000 is... the Nissan Micra 1.2 Visia. This reliable run-around only costs £9,250, so it is considerably cheaper than its opponents. It also averages more mile-per-gallon, 56.5, and costs less to tax as its emissions are lower. It is much faster to 62mph too, so hits the magic mark in only 13.7 seconds. It even has standard-fit extras, compared to its arch-rivals, such as Bluetooth and MP3 playback. Confident handling and the high quality finish complete the package. Gold medal for the Nissan Micra 1.2 Visia.