posted 7 years ago

Best Prestigious Saloons

The BMW 5 Series is the best prestigious saloon on the planet, or so my friend claims.

The BMW 5 Series is the best prestigious saloon on the planet, or so my friend claims. His brother, however, strongly believes the Mercedes-Benz E-Class “wipes the floor” with its long standing rival. And their father claims that the Jaguar XF trumps both these German saloons. Guess what? My friend's mother is now sick of the rows, and has challenged me to “sort out” this family feud before everyone falls out and cancels Christmas. No pressure.

The family has agreed that we will only evaluate the entry-levels models, specifically the BMW 520i SE, the Mercedes-Benz E200 CDI BlueEfficiency, and the Jaguar XF 2.2 Diesel SE. These cost £31,195, £29,125, and £29,995 respectively. Right, power. Here the BMW has the advantage. Its 2.0-litre engine produces 184bhp, whereas the 2.2-litre E-Class and the 2.2-litre XF only have 134bhp and 163bhp respectively. As such, the 5 Series hits 62mph in 7.9 seconds – whereas its rivals require 10.2 and 10.5 seconds. Points for BMW.

Business users or company car drivers will find deals on all models with the E Class starting at £349 a month, the 5 series at £311 a month, and the Jaguar XF from £369 a month based on 3 payments down on a contract hire deal. There are also fantastic deals for private driver's find them on our new car search here.

That brings the rowing family to running costs. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Diesel scores heavily here. It averages an impressive 55.4mpg, after all, whereas the Jaguar Diesel only manages 52.3mpg. The BMW – thanks to its extra power and petrol engine – only manages 41.5mpg. The E-Class also has the lowest emissions, which equates to the cheapest tax disc. And, as previously established, the E-Class has the lowest sticker price.

Now, there is no point in comparing handling - they all drive superbly. Furthermore, these saloons all have fantastic ride quality, plenty of toys, and high-quality construction. But we can evaluate style. Here the Jaguar XF crushes its opponents. This new-kid-on-the-block looks fresh and sharp, whereas its rivals have looked similar for years. So, let us put this family feud to bed. The BMW is the fastest, the Mercedes-Benz the most fuel efficient, and the Jaguar is the most attractive. They are all, in other words, tremendous machines – and which is best depends on your criteria. Does that mean we can have Christmas this year?

Don't mention the Skoda Superb,everyone will want one. £10k cheaper and all the same toys, space and comfort.

Wing, when you see a Merc or BM go past does not indicate that the driver is upper class or in any way better than us, it only means they have tried hard in life, whether in school leading to a better job or they have succeeded in business. The difference between us and the Americans is, when a Yank sees a Rolls Royce go past he would say if I work hard I can have one of those, in England they would scratch it out of misplaced envy. Having spent many years on the motorways I can tell you that not all BM drivers are fit to drive one.

I have had both BMW and Mercedes and it is very much personal preference. Mine is Mercedes. As for image I drive a bicycle, a Smart (short trips), an R Class (long trips and uni luggage) and an AMG SL (fun)so what does that say?

What stops me buy any of these cars is the look of the people that drive these vehicles. It's as if they feel what car you drive makes you somehow better or more important.

The Merc may be good, but right now they don't have a great driver image in my eyes. Far too many brash idiots in them, even worse that Beemers and that's saying something!

The car you drive can say a lot about the way the owner/driver feels about him/herself. If you are a 'sensitive' type of person, what others think about you can also be important. If you drive a BMW others will think of you as brash and flashy. If you drive an Audi, others will think you are too timid to drive a BMW and without sufficient taste to drive a Mercedes. If you drive a Mercedes, others will just think you have good taste, are not flashy and have the ability to recognise and enjoy real quality. If you do not drive a Mercedes yet, keep aspiring!!!

The entry level BMW model is the 520d SE @ £30,030. Why on earth would you compare two diesels and one petrol. The BMW achieves 58.9mpg a far better comparison and a no.1 slot for the Beamer.Spend another £405 and get the Efficient Dynamics with 62.8mpg.

Methinks that Mr Turvil should get out more, preferably to his local Audi dealer, where he will find a range of cars which are stealing sales from the other mentioned marques on an almost regular monthly basis.

The E Class drives like a bus, big steering wheel, wallowy round the corners and not as tight all round. Petrol ones are better, but 5 series is to notch