posted 7 years ago

Best Value German Car Finance Packages

Stand-up straight, polish your boots, and prepare for the best value German car finance packages

Stand-up straight, polish your boots, and prepare for's best value German car finance packages. Let's start with the Volkswagen Polo. This stoic supermini is available, on a personal contract purchase plan, for thirty-six payments of £149 at 7.7% APR. Further terms include the modest £1,500 deposit, and should you choose to keep the Polo at the end of your contract the final payment is £4,519.

Now, fantastic though the Polo is many German car lovers want something more prestigious – and imposing. Enter stage right the BMW 3 Series. This compact executive status symbol is available for a £4,650 deposit, plus thirty-four payments of £329 at 9.9% APR. However, if you want to drive the 3 Series until it turns to dust the optional purchase payment is £11,080.

Those who consider the 3 Series too brash may prefer the relatively restrained Audi A4. This vehicle could be sitting on your driveway for thirty-six payments of £299, at 6.4% APR. Okay, this personal contract purchase plan also requires a £3,490 deposit, but the three year term should leave consumers plenty of time to save the £9,419 optional final payment.

Further tantalising German car prospects include the Volkswagen Beetle which is listed with a fixed price servicing plan, the Mercedes A Class which comes with a finance deposit contribution, and the BMW 1 Series with its free 'comfort package' upgrade. Lots of choice but please decide quickly - German car manufacturers demand buyer efficiency.