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Black Box could bring cheaper car insurance

Black Box device monitors driving habits in a bid to cut insurance costs

Research from the British Insurers Brokers' Association (Biba) shows that over the past two years there have been a fivefold increase in the number of people installing "black box" technology in their vehicles. These devices monitor their driving habits in a bid to cut insurance costs.

As cheap car insurance deals disappear almost 200,000 drivers have now signed up to "telematic" insurance, in some cases halving their premiums. A Biba spokesman said it expected numbers to "snowball", with more than half a million motorists opting to install the technology in exchange for lower car insurance premiums. Take up of the ‘black box’ is already strong in the US where approximately 80% of vehicles have them fitted as standard. Over the next few years, demand in the UK is expected to come from female drivers and younger motorists in particular, who are likely to be disadvantaged by new European rules that come into effect at the end of this year. The new rules will stipulate that insurance companies will no longer be able to use a person's sex when setting premiums. The rule is likely to cause huge increases in insurance costs for many women, with those aged less than 25 facing the biggest price rises. This is because younger male drivers make the most car insurance claims and the most expensive claims, as they are more likely to be involved in a high-speed accident, causing serious injury and extensive damage to vehicles.

Currently, the average motor insurance premium is close to £3,000 for a young male driver, but just under £1,700 for women drivers of the same age. It is predicted that when the new rules came into effect, women could expect to see the price they pay rise by at least 25%, adding more than £400 to their motoring costs.

Drivers who install a ‘black box’ will have access to an online record of their driving habits including a speed analysis, where and when they drive and how they anticipate traffic (such as whether they hit the brakes too hard, too often), as well as how they drive around corners and adapt their driving to the circumstances. In the past, take-up of the black boxes has been slow as drivers were concerned about how the information is used, but there are strict data protection laws. By signing up to one of these schemes, you have given the insurer permission to use the information to set your insurance premiums, but the insurer would not be able to pass on information to third parties for example informing the authorities that you had broken the speed limit.

Opting for black box technology will benefit women drivers as well as the more cautious male drivers as you are not penalised simply for age and sex. It is not just young drivers who could benefit, middle aged drivers who have safer driving records and drivers who believe they are still safe on the roads can benefit. Insurers often start to bump premiums up again for motorists in their seventies and eighties, as they are concerned about the higher accident rate among this age group.

Many insurers will install the black box free of charge, although they recoup the cost through their premiums. Others ask for an upfront fee. Customers are free to switch insurers if they find that they are not saving money, but there may be a charge which can be as much as £100 to remove the box at a later date.

Car Insurance soars to all time high


All car insurance is way to high 40 years ago i was paying top money and I am still paying close to £500 for a automatic

DUMMIES - the black box has got nothing to do with monitoring driving habits to lower insurance costs... it might be the reason given but the real purpose of the black box is in preparation for nationwide road tax automatically charged to each vehicle courtesy of... you guessed it - the black box. The coils in the road the that communicate with the black box have already been laid. This will be a road tax introduced at EU level which the government will claim that it opposes... don't believe them... it is just another elite plan to keep us all in servitude.

Suppose I normally drive very carefully but in an emergency such as taking a family member to hospital. does that undo all my careful driving record?

How do I get to use black box technology

I would like to see what benefits are available using black box technology

its so easy to cry after the fact but people are so selfish and cant see if we didnt drive like idiots and have crime we would not need devices to keep an eye on us and look after us like young childreen its sad but there will always be those idiots in life that make it hard for decent people its because of these low lifes the goverment has to waste money trying to keep us safe but on the other hand the law is far to easy whats the point of banning a driver who has no licence and who does not care ,the ban will not mean or bother him in any way he/she will just do it again regardless then when they loose there freedom they complian like babies if your law abiding people who gives a monkeys about devices if it keeps the roads safe insurance down and saves lives why worry when you have nothing to hide after all its people who create situations no one tells you to drive fast take risks /take drugs /smoke/drink to excess so dont complain about freedom wake up compared to a lot of other countries we couldnt be more well off its amazing just how much we take things for granted some drivers have blinkers on like taxi drivers and think they own the road we all pay car tax so come on be fair and better parenting would help modern techknowledgy television bad parenting drugs drink and humane rights and soft laws have made life worse its so simple no excuses you know when your speeding all cars have a speedometer and if you can drive you can read the road signs but so many think once they pass there test the highway code does not apply to them any more so dont complain when you get fined self inflicted same as thieving you know its not yours so take the risk break the law accept the punishment your life is in your own hands so complian about freedom idiots you make your own descisions and create your own destination and cost the country and tax payers money a perfect world there will never be

Instead of all this 1984 ballony why not provide refresher courses at cost ie,NO RIP OFF for everyone in particular those who have made a claim through bad driving in the last five years.There are some appauling 'drivers' on our roads-but many more rip-off insurers.

Ok the sentence " could bring cheaper insurance " would never intice me to go with this scheme regardless of its pros & cons .. Now the words " this will guarantee big savings on insurance is all together a different matter " none of this ambiguous it may save, it could save , ... Guarantee it !!!

I believe this is a good idea for commercial and professional drivers. e.g. van and light commercial vehicle drivers, those who are field based in their jobs and not office based (and who drive company cars). Truck drivers' driving is already monitored via the electronic tachograph. However, whilst it's a personal choice at the moment for the private motorist, I can see this becoming the standard and all cars will have this box fitted, providing the Government with all sorts of information. It'll become electronic tagging for the driver, whether a criminal or not...not good at all!

Pleased to see some people are "awake" to the real purpose! Rob C, are you going to think its a good idea when they use the same kind of "money saving" ruse to get your daughter microchipped in the future that is fast appraoching (anyone having these are likely to get cancer as the body tries to reject them) please do some general research and discover the truth about what is happening around us. Also it is worth remembering that there was a massive public outcry when the last government tried to made vehicle tracking mandatory. Due diligence and a bit of shoppping around is the way to get real valuse for money vehicle insurance even for the young and new drivers.

Shades of '1984'! The truly horrible aspect of this is the number of people who support it ! Its the old, old, totalitarian argument: 'If you are obeying the law, why do you object to the Authorities monitoring your every movement?' This idea of monitoring every vehicle will lead to the destruction of freedom itself.

This is a terrible idea that opens up some pretty awful consequences for us all. When government sees the potential for further surveillance of the population and road charging when these devices are fitted to all cars, we will be made to pay even more in tax than we gain from premium reductions. Having one of these things fitted is the equivalent of a turkey voting for Christmas. What are we to become; cash cow robots?

Likewise we have a box fitted and you do have to check the data. Living out in the sticks, the majority of our roads are at the national speed limit of 60mph apart from the local villages themselves. We found that all of the roads were being 'mapped' at 40mph hence our speed scores were atrocious. 3 months of 'discussions' with the insurer and the black box company have resulted in these being changes for our regularly-used roads but I fear that it will be the same elsewhere. Generally I think the principle is sound particularly as our 18 year old son uses the car and it makes him think about the way he drives.

we have a box on the car my son uses, you need to check the reports carefully though, the mapping is not perfect, it had a lot of the roads round here set at 30mph limit instead of 40/50/60 so penalised him incorrectly until we challenged the data

Can't believe all these negative comments ! My daughter recently passed her test and took out this type of insurance, saving a lot of money . It also encourages young drivers to drive carefully which I believe is a good thing - especially for young male drivers.

After having a "box" installed by company A I decide to change insurers for any reason would company "B" be allowed /able to use the information stored in the box to their own advantage?

Insurance companies are a big scam anyways And with these so called boxes they'll find all sorts of excuses not to pay out:- such as you were driven 31 mph in a 30 zones or you were 0.5 sec late to apply your brakes compared to mr average.

Another great way to increase Insurance premiums and coupled with CCTV, behavioural monitoring with store cards we are rapidly approaching 1984! Sure, statistics show that young men ( I was one once! ) are more prone to accidents but this is something that should be dealt with by education and tougher driving tests that make a license a goal and privilege. Definition of an "accident" is loosely an " unplanned event or circumstance, often with lack of intention or necessity. It usually implies a generally negative outcome which may have been avoided or prevented had circumstances leading up to the accident been recognized, and acted upon, prior to its occurrence". Lets educate!

It is not the cost of the car that you insure that counts, it is the cost of the car that you hit and write off!

Car insurers seem to be the biggest bunch of rogues after the Bankers

This is not going to help the insurance companys.I sold a daewoo matiz to a 19 year old boy for £1200,his insurance was £4000,if he damaged the car,ie,front wing,they write it off,his insurance stoppes,he has to insure again,they pay him £1200,now his insurance is £5000,he now has paid the insurance within the year £9000,they now collect £500 from the salvage,they now have collected £9500,and paid out £1200,I make that £8300 they have made,that is why they write vehicles off. Terry