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Black Boxes Could Be Fitted To All New Vehicles

Benefits Of Data Event Recorders

The European Commission might soon require new road vehicles to be fitted with an event data recorder (black box). This could monitor a variety of information in the moments before and during an impact. Such data could clarify which motorist is responsible, for example. Furthermore, motor manufacturers could produce safer cars based on any recorded trends. Governments, in contrast, could use it as a basis for legislation relating to (say) standard features that must be fitted to every new car. Furthermore, a motorist with a black box might be more likely to drive safely as any questionable behaviour would be recorded. It would certainly be far harder to deny speeding or reckless driving, etc. Black boxes could, therefore, make the roads safer. Recorded data could relate to: forward/lateral impact force, the duration of a crash, speed, the position of the throttle, engine revolutions, brake application, anti-lock brake activation, the angle of the steering wheel, stability control engagement, driver and passenger seatbelt engagement, pre-tensioner engagement, air bag deployment, seat positions, the size of occupants and number of impacts, i.e. one or more during the event.

Transport Research Laboratory Assesses Implications

Motor manufacturers tend to fit some sort of event recorder to cars already (typically within the air bag control unit). However, there is no legal obligation or rules relating to the factors that must be recorded. That could soon change. The European Commission – which is aware of the potential benefits of such systems - has therefore asked the Transport Research Laboratory to consider the impact of any legislation. Its report will consider: whether an event data recorder should be fitted to every new vehicle, whether a recorder should be fitted to certain types of new vehicle, what type of information should be recorded, who should have access to the information and – significantly - who owns it. A European Commission spokesman revealed that: “The purpose of the study is to assist the Commission in deciding whether the fitting of event data recorders in all vehicles, or certain categories of vehicle, could result in an improvement in road safety or have other positive consequences”. And is seems that there is enthusiasm for these systems within the Transport Research Laboratory. A representative therefore said: “There is a demonstrable reduction in crash rates if a driver is aware of - and is reminded that - their vehicle is fitted with a monitoring system.” The report is expected in August 2014.


They would help a lot towards the imposition of road pricing, which the government is too yellow to do directly. Instead it wants to turn the Highways Agency into a company, which can then be sold off or 'commercialised' after the General Election. Roads concessionaires would charge us whatever they liked as it was a private matter, and the government could wash its hands... more onj the Fair Deal For The Motorist (org uk) site.

Time to buy a classic car before the prices go up too much.

If this goes ahead it should be on the basis that access to it's data is compulsory ONLY in the time of an accident and the data available is only for a limited time period running up to that accident. Any other access should be with a court order or with the express permission of the driver. The basis of the use of any device like this should "innocent until proven guilty" and it should not be used in order to force a driver to incriminate themselves.

If anybody falls for this they are soft in the head, and certainly do not enjoy driving, all nonsense sold under the safety banner, just like safety cameras were. Your every move in a vehicle will be recorded, just where you are on the road and what speed you are travelling at, the data could be downloaded at traffic lights or any roadside post, and fines could be automatic, it will be worse when the government con gullible British motorists into paying to use the roads and selling them to the foreign investor governments. The point is it won't stop there, its all about money, from the universities and technical labs who develop the product, to the politicians who have a finger in the manufacturing companies. They are all taking the motorist for a ride !!!! In the 60's life was good, England was for the English, we had the freedom of speech, and no human rights act, no EGR valves no DPF filters and no Catalytic converters to drag around, all these were added by faceless people in the EU. The EU and our own treacherous politicians have ruined our country, and aided by pressure groups like transport 2000 who would have us back on horses, and who will reappear again when the car hating Labour lot are in government will complete the job. The only way to ensure a return to our British way of life, and the freedom to act at will, is to get rid of the EU and all its diktats

This would be the first step towards Digital Tachograph recorders as per HGV.s Driver puts the Photo card licence in each time each time they get in the car and drive. All is then recorded and is down to the named driver. Link up the Insurers and the DVLA then.. No insurance, no driving licence (and maybe the car doesn't start, without the required authenticated driving licence card???) Big brother and then some?? Its here now!! ask any HGV driver.

No doubt all those who think this is a good idea will change their minds as soon as that first brown envelope demanding payment of a fine drops in through their letterbox.

There is a further big brother issue, once the GPS black boxes are fitted they can be programmed to reduce cars to respect all the speed limits all the time so as you enter a 50 mph zone it will slow to 50 and 30 and so on. So who is driving the car, this is how driverless cars are controlled so the technology already exists. In the next 30 years it is unlikely that there will be any pleasure left in driving, but hey if you just jump in a driverless car and have never "actually driven", I guess you wont miss it! Sad but true.

Your report on what the black box will record does not mention use of a hand held mobile phone by the driver, surely, this type of technology, would be just as beneficial (particularly in the event of an accident)?

Why not make it voluntray with an insentive, those who have it fitted pay no RFL !!!

Here's the real problem; these black boxes rely on GPS data, the same as your Sat Nav does, to determine speed limits on roads etc. I know from my regularly updated Garmin that the speed limits are often out of date. I drive 23 miles to work every day through a variety of 30, 40, 50 and national speed limits, and for at least 25% of that journey the sat nav reports the wrong speed limit. With a Black Box fitted it would appear, to m insurance and anyone else with an interest, that I regularly speed - which I don't. It all depends on the data recorded I guess, but I would be wary as these things are often out of date and would lead to people having to constantly challenge wrong perceptions.

Why don't we just roll over and die!!

It's a great idea?????? remember the days when you could drink alcohol in the streets and smoke in a pub? How many pubs suffered through this? How many new cars will be sold? Not many nanny state cars= another affect on the economy, all we'll get is everyone purchasing cars pre 2015 not just youngsters. I'm 33 and like to bend the rules now and again when I see safe to do so, I'm not a criminal, I've done 80mph on a 70mph, should I automatically incriminate myself? The idea sucks pink ones, just like the idiots who come up with it, you want to know what stops car crashes, a better education in driving, that goes for older people too

why not incorporate it into the MOT test? a one-off fee (at cost) to install the data recorder, and an annual check to make sure it hasn't been tampered with at successive MOTs. within a year, ALL cars would be equipped.

Maybe it is time for us to leave Europe, they have been invading our privacy for far to long now, we should make our own laws and Brussels should keep there nose out of out life's

If it is only new cars, then it is still not going to stop the young idiots on the road, who pass their test and then do as they like on the road. The ones that speed up my road, which is one long bend haven't got new cars and most accidents I have seen, have involved a youngster. I am not saying youngsters are all to blame cos they are not. Posers in their fast cars are also culprits, van drivers rushing from job to job and whenever I have been cut up, nine times out of ten, it's a particular type of BMW driver. I have driven professionally and believe me, it's not until you are on the roads all day that you see exactly what it's like out there. Most drivers with new cars drive properly because it's too expensive to mess it up by driving stupidly. unless of course you are a high flyer that can afford to mess up your £50,000 sports car.

The should definitely be installed in BMWs

I think it's a good idea as there are to many terrible drivers on our roads, and if these boxes stop people from being such idiots who don't care about what they do to other road users then it has to be worth having them.

Although they were originally meant for under 25's, etc, I think they are a good idea because there are way too many bumper-kissers following us on the roads these days and if an emergency stop was required due to animal, etc, jumping out in front of your car and mr BK behind smacks you up the backside, at least the black box will tell you who was driving at the appropriate speed whereas the idiot smacking into your rear, wasn't...

Then I won't be buying a new car. And when it covers all cars I'll be leaving Europe... that's how I feel. Driving is one of the last freedoms it feels we have left. Heading away from town, relieving the stress, leaving it all behind... a thing of the past if every move you make is scrutinised by some unseen eye. Maybe I'll invest in a nice lead sheet... I'd like to see it transmit data through that...

I don't see how a telematics / black box provides information as to who was driving a particular car. Just that the vehicle with the box fitted was speeding / in an accident?

Maybe a spike that deploys just before the air bag, in cars that are twice the legal limit for the road they are on.

Why not restrict motor manufacturers on developing ever faster cars!! If these boxes are ONLY ever used to determine who is at fault in an accident then i can see the benefit but like everything else the thin edge of a wedge will always lead to more and more big brother legislation. What happens when driverless cars hit the streets? Cars and roads are safer but driving skills are sadly lacking instead of monitoring everyone perhaps the driving standards of every driver should be raised by raising the standard and then retesting every 5 years!!

This is just the thin end of the wedge for a fully fledged big brother state and another way for insurance companies to rip us off in higher's a clear invasion of privacy like a criminals tag but on your car..over reacting??? Just wait and see..

No... That f****** enough. Black boxes won't change anything! If I'm being ripped off and paying £50,000 for a brand new car, j want that car to use myself, and drive AS I WANT. Oh well... Had enough of this country a long time ago... Moving to California in 6 months

Not in my car thanks, I've had enough of big brother. I do however agree that an in car camera could be used, but only if the driver agrees. Again, big brother is taking over our lives. Stand up and let them know who pays their wages will you, enough is enough.

can only be a good thing- about time.

Good idea, most large haulage companies have event recording units these days and the major construction company I worked for had a complete monitoring system on all it's commercials which transmitted data all the time. It never annoyed me but I think younger drivers complained more. A good thing in my book.

“There is a demonstrable reduction in crash rates if a driver is aware of - and is reminded that - their vehicle is fitted with a monitoring system.” If true - Nuff said!!

Another step towards road mileage charging!

You fit it - I will rip it out. I see a profitable business in scrambling these spy boxes.

More freedom of choice etc going with big Brother EU

The only people disliking this are the ones that no doubt speed everywhere. I personally think its a damned good idea. Far too many idiots on the road at the moment and far too many putting in compensation claims when it was their fault and pushing insurance costs higher.

Snip Snip, bye bye black box!

Can we have that referendum now please!

Another way for big brother to spy on us. Surely it is an invasion of human rights and if you buy a car then you own the box. If you don't want it looked at then that should be that. Journey cameras would be a much better thing to be built in to cars but even then. You own it so if something goes wrong it should be down to you if you disclose what's on it in my opinion.

I'm pretty sure that the government/DVLA could spend the same amount of money on driver education, like cheaper/free advanced or pass plus lessons and continuing options that drivers might take up willingly. Like most things our government does that necessitate the collection of data, I'm not sure that I trust our police/government with the data collected. Seems to be opening a can of worms.