posted 2 years ago

BMW Car Care Year By Year

Motor manufacturer strives to maximise your enjoyment of a vehicle by providing age specific care and services.

Benefits of BMW care

BMW has revealed how to care for, and enjoy, your car “year by year” throughout its life. Proper care – via brand specialists which only install manufacturer parts – helps keep it reliable, nice to drive and maximises the resale value. BMW's age brackets are: Year One, Two, Three, Four to Six, Seven to Ten and Beyond Ten.

Year One

Each age bracket contains categories such as: Protecting, Maintaining, Repairing and Personalising. Protecting includes winter tyres, for example. The purpose of these compounds is to make motoring by providing more traction in low temperatures – not only in extreme weather – than the standard, all-season, compounds.

The Protecting Category also includes BMW Insurance Solutions that provides financial help should the vehicle be (say) crashed or stolen. Teleservices, in contrast, enables the vehicle to autonomously transfer information to the manufacturer such as “servicing  required”. BMW then phones you to facilitate such work.

The Maintaining Category includes Service Inclusive which – for a single payment – covers the cost of servicing for five years/fifty-thousand miles (whichever is sooner). It can be purchased within sixty days of registration for a “greatly reduced price”, BMW explained, or full price before the car requires its first service. 

The Repairing Category includes: accident repairs, accident recovery and cosmetic repairs. The Personalisation category, in contrast, relates to accessories and merchandise. You might, for example, purchase a: roof box, child seat, bicycle holder, cargo net, seat back storage pocket, seat protector or CD storage sleeve. 

Year Two

Year Two options expand to account for wear and tear. The Maintaining Category includes the air-conditioning service, for example. Part of the purpose of such work is to top-up the coolant gas that enables the vehicle to maintain a cool, comfortable, temperate on humid days and effectively de-mist the interior glass.

Year Three

Year Three extras include the: MOT test (Maintaining Category), extended warranty options (Protecting) and the end of warranty check (Protecting). Furthermore, BMW encourages you to consider swapping to one its new cars which can can be obtained via finance.

Years Four To Six

The Maintaining Category expands for Years Four to Six. BMW Value Servicing then ensures a car can be maintained for a realistic price; relative to age and value. Options/prices vary. Examples – for the 2003 to 2010 X3 – include: Oil and Microfilter Service, Inspection I, Inspection II, Front Brake Pads plus Rear Brake Pads. 

Years Seven to Ten & Beyond Ten

Moving forward, features remain consistent with Years Four to Six so even if your car is elderly it can be maintained to a high standard. Irrespective of age, mileage, and value BMW continues to fit genuine parts to ensure the best compatibility and performance.