posted 2 years ago

BMW Connected Makes Being Late A Thing Of The Past

New software app helps motorists get to destinations on time in a stress-free manner, manufacturer claimed.

BMW Connected Apple App explained

BMW Connected is a new app for the iPhone and Apple Watch that confirms when it is time to leave for appointments based on how much traffic is en-route. Never be late, in other words. Search for a destination with a favoured, third party, app such as Apple Maps. 

BMW Connected then receives this information from the portable device. It later sends back a reminder such as “leave in ten minutes”. When entering the vehicle, the destination is pre-programmed into its satellite navigation system – simply press one button to continue - so there is no need to enter (say) a postcode.

Door-to-door guidance

BMW Connected continues to support you if you cannot park at the destination. The car might have to be left on the street a mile away, for example, or the journey might continue via a park and ride scheme. Navigation guidance continues courtesy of the satellite navigation software in the portable, hand-held, device.

Personal learned destinations

The software also memorises frequent destinations and patterns if you (say) arrive at the office, at 8am, everyday. Should there be a traffic jam or collision en-route that might slow progress, you are notified via the portable device. This, of course, enables you to leave earlier or choose a different route and still arrive on time. 

The app has a range of other features, BMW confirmed. 

  • “Automatically imports calendar events with addresses to simplify planning.
  • Stores and manages all your destinations in one place for smartphone, or in-car, access.
  • Provides one-click access to fuel/charging stations and parking.
  • In the case of BMW i and iPerformance models, relevant data such as the remaining range, or battery charge, can be retrieved remotely and factored into journey planning.”

BMW Remote Services are incorporated too. You can, for example, remotely: lock and unlock the doors, activate the climate control system, confirm the vehicle's location on a map, and flash the headlamps if you have trouble spotting it in a poorly lit car park. 

Digital connection increasingly important

Dieter May, BMW Group Senior Vice President of Digital Services and Business Models, argued: “Over the coming years, digitalisation is set to have a substantial impact on how we use our cars. Digital services will emerge that connect us fully with our personal world; no matter whether we’re out on the road or at home."

He continued: "The car will be transformed into a smart device: intelligently connected, seamlessly integrated and perfectly tuned to the individual needs of each and every user. This is precisely what the first version of BMW Connected aspires to achieve.”