posted 10 years ago

BMW’s, Porsches and Bentleys are crushed

Cars taken off the streets to be crushed

A record number of uninsured cars are being taken off the roads and crushed during the recession. It is not just the owners of cheap used cars who are stopped by police but also the owners of the more prestige vehicles. BMW’s, Porsches, Hummers and even a Bentley have recently felt the crusher’s wrath.

In the last year, the Metropolitan Police seized 32,000 vehicles from London roads, the vast majority from drivers with no licence or insurance. Drivers have two weeks to obtain the documents and reclaim their vehicles or they will be permanently confiscated. A1 Group a firm in Berkshire admit that there is a reluctance when it comes to crushing a valuable new car but the owner Sally Pike says after one or two it becomes painless she added that "It's not just 20-year-old hatchbacks we're crushing now; last week we crushed an S-class Mercedes and a 3-series BMW."

AA president Edmund King added that if a car has no serial number, is foreign registered or was involved in a sensitive crime there is nothing that can save it from the crusher regardless of value.