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BMW X5 Most Stolen And Recovered Car In UK

TRACKER Reveals Car Most Frequently Stolen/Recovered

The BMW X5 was the most frequently stolen and recovered car of 2012, TRACKER has claimed. This recovery specialist – that traces illegally taken vehicles via satellites, etc. – has revealed that this four-wheel-drive topped its table the previous year too. And it seems that criminals have a taste for prestigious machinery. As such, the Land Rover Vogue/Sport were second in the standings followed by the: BMW M3 (third), BMW 3 Series/Audi RS4 (joint fourth), Mercedes-Benz SLK (fifth), Mercedes-Benz ML (sixth), BMW M5/X6 (joint seventh) and the Mercedes-Benz CLS/E-Class (joint eighth). This is not, however, to say that these were the most commonly taken cars nationwide - only that they were the most frequently stolen and recovered in TRACKER's database. This, by its nature, contains a large proportion of prestigious cars as most low value rivals are not worth protecting to this extent. As such, the most expensive taken last year was worth £70,000 compared to an average of £25,500. There were, however, a number of thefts of cars worth less than £5,000. Last year alone, TRACKER recovered £12.5 million worth of assets bringing the company's total to £474 million. These recoveries led to 2,317 arrests.

TRACKER Products

A motorist can protect his/her car via a range of products. The TRACKER Cat 5 Plus, for example, is one of the more advanced so it has a wide range of features. As such this device – that must be installed by a specialist in a concealed place – can contact its supplier if it suspects a car has been moved by an unauthorised person. This might be indicated via the motion sensor. In this scenario, the company contacts the vehicle's owner to confirm its status. If it has been stolen, the tracker will be activated so the police can trace it throughout Europe via VHF/GPS. This system can penetrate steel containers and underground car parks so the thief cannot realistically hide. All from £799 plus the annual subscription (£199). There are, however, less expensive alternatives such as the Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve System for £249 which includes the first year subscription. This entry-level concept works in parts of Europe but the owner must report the theft – and provide TRACKER with a crime reference number - before the system can be activated. Such technology ensures that 80% of stolen cars are recovered within 24 hours. TRACKER also has products that can trace caravans, motorhomes and motorcycles.


It's also easy to figure out that most of their clientèle have exec cars, hence the reason why most of the cars are BMW's, Merc's, Audi's and Range Rovers...

This article seems to be more of a marketing article to sell tracker products rather than actually presenting the facts of theft and recoveries. anyone can make out that its a paid article not worth reading.