posted 4 years ago

Brake: Drivers Should Have Eyesight Tested By Law

Safety Charity Calls For Compulsory Eyesight Checks

The government should require drivers to have their eyesight tested regularly, road safety charity Brake has claimed. This - according to a survey from the RSA Insurance Group – could “significantly reduce” the two-thousand nine-hundred casualties caused by poor vision each year (estimated). Brake is, therefore, calling on the government to require drivers to prove they have recently been tested when applying for a provisional licence, then every ten years thereafter. The government should also – the charity has claimed - raise awareness of the importance of regular testing via correspondence with the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency. This could come at the same time as a reminder to pay vehicle excise duty. And it seems that legislation might be required as countless motorists fail to self regulate. As such, twenty-five percent of the survey respondents have not had a test within the last two years, and twelve percent within the last five. Four percent – alarmingly - have never been professionally tested. It is, therefore, curious that eighty-seven percent are “in favour” of legislation that requires them to visit an optician.

Brake Chief Executive Discusses Eyesight

Julie Townsend, Brake's Deputy Chief Executive, explained that: "Compulsory regular eyesight testing for drivers is a common sense, lifesaving move. Clearly the public agrees that the government needs to act to tackle the alarming number of drivers taking a lax approach to their eyes.” Ms Townsend added: “Making sure your vision is up to scratch is crucial to safe driving and though it may seem there are plenty of excuses to put off going to the opticians - none is good enough when it comes to putting people's lives at risk. If you drive, it's not just your own health you are jeopardising by neglecting your eyesight, but the lives of those around you. That's why it's vital for drivers to get their eyes professionally checked at least every two years”

Specsavers Spokesperson Discusses Eyesight

A Specsavers representative added: "The statistics are quite alarming. It's important that we all recognise the importance of regular eye examinations and the role that they play in keeping both drivers and pedestrians safe on the roads.” He added: “Currently eye sight is only tested once, on the day of the driving test. It is then the driver's responsibility to check whether their vision remains above the legal standard. Because eyesight deteriorates gradually over time, the only way a driver can be one-hundred percent certain that they remain both legal and safe is to have regular eye examinations."