posted 3 years ago

Brake's Xmas Message: “Not A Drop Not A Drag”

Government Warns Drink Driving Could Lead To Unemployment

Road Safety Charity Brake's Christmas message is “not a drop - not a drag”. Why? Because in 2012, 280 people were killed by motorists over the limit and 1,210 were seriously injured. Also, 65 typically die every year following collisions with those that have been drinking but are within the limit. Drug drivers kill about 200 per-annum. Furthermore, the Government's THINK! Campaign is emphasising that a conviction can lead to unemployment and hardship. Why? Because 1-million people have jobs that require a licence and 27% would have to quit if convicted as they need a car to get to work. Also, a culprit might struggle to find employment particularly in industries that involve driving, teaching, care work, banking and finance. After all employers - according to the Department for Transport – can ask for information relating to convictions and 75% take these into account during the recruitment process. This can be a significant disadvantage as most people have a clean record. Drink/drug drivers can also now be identified by “name and shame” schemes - such as West Midlands Police's - that identifies culprits on its website/Twitter. This might encourage others to act responsibly.

Minister And Recruitment Expert Discuss Drink/Drug Driving

Transport Minister Robert Goodwill launched the THINK! Campaign and said: “For many people Christmas is about spending time with friends and family and celebrating - but if drivers have a tipple they should not get behind the wheel. Just one drink can put you over the limit and the consequences are devastating. Not only will you be cuffed and put in a cell, but if you’re convicted you will lose your licence.” He added: “You could even lose your job.” This perspective is backed-up by Simon Edwards who is Head of Logistics at a large recruiting firm. He said: “In this highly competitive job market a drink drive conviction puts you at a serious disadvantage. It is very common for a client making a decision between two otherwise equal applicants to favour the individual without a drink drive conviction. And with the boom in e-commerce and the exponential rise in the delivery market, a conviction rules candidates out from a new and growing industry”. He added: “Everyday I see the devastating impact of a conviction on a candidate’s ability to get or retain a job, and the limits this puts on future opportunities.”