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Britain's Crazy Driving Laws

Britain's crazy driving laws are driving me...crazy?

Britain's crazy driving laws are driving me...crazy? One poor fellow, for example, was recently fined £60 for blowing his nose while stationary in traffic. There was apparently no chance of the vehicle moving as its handbrake was firmly applied. This unforgivable action also earned the motorist three penalty points on his licence. The police officer on the scene believed the driver was 'not in proper control of the vehicle'. Oh, for crying out loud!

A less clear-cut case is the motorist who flashes. Umm, I mean flashed his vehicle's headlights to warn oncoming drivers of a mobile speed trap. This was considered to be 'wilfully obstructing a police officer in the course of duty'. This is a fair perspective – up to a point – but presumably his warning slowed traffic on a tricky stretch of road. This is the purpose of 'speed traps', so was the motorist 'obstructing' or 'helping' the police officer?

There are also numerous cases of motorists being prosecuted for eating behind the wheel. Okay, tucking into a three-course roast at 70mph in clearly crazy, but biting a chocolate bar while stationary in traffic can be considered an offence too. Driving 'without due care and attention', for example, or perhaps 'not being in proper control'. Still, spare a thought for our friends in Kansas. Here you can be imprisoned for screeching your tyres.

i was sat at a red traffic light, handbrake applied, going nowhere when my fone rang and i answered it to say 'ring me back i'm driving' when, a policewoman ran from the adjacent police station and arrested me. my car was subseqently crushed with all it's contents, i was breathalysed (passed), charged, got 6 points and an £300 fine. not allowed legal aid so no point in appealing! 4kin wankers eh?


It has always bemused me that when you've left your car where they don't want it to be or it's considered to be causing an obstruction - they fit it with a wheel clamp preventing you from moving it out of the way. Seems to somewhat defeat the objective don't you think !

boris promised to do away with some stupid trafic lights...on the contary where i live they have put in another 4

'ello 'ello 'ello, wot 'ave we 'ere? Did you just fart at the wheel sir?

I recently heard a Police officer quote the well known saying "the Law is an ass" and sadly the first incident supports it, but even worse is the thought of what kind of persons in authority would enforce it. Common sense was long killed off in this country.

The strange UK driving laws… Recently an other car hit mine by accident. Fortunately the damage was not very big But what a big surprise, when I contacted my AA insurance to get repair arranged. Their partner refused every service to me for the reason I hold a full European driver licence instead of an UK licence ! Is that legal ? Or is that just the behaviour of an Englishman which would be definitely not cricket.

This is absolutely stupid the police are a law unto them selfs, why is it we can get fined for blowing your nose, but the police are allowed to drive and used 2 way radio's driving at high speed surely that's a distraction,, isn't it worse than using a mobile phone!!! . Why can police do way they want and get a way with it !!!!

If speed cameras are NOT income generators then stop all fines and give 6 or 8 points on your licence....thats a deterrent. Wont happen though because it doesnt earn any money

So why aren't people prosecuted for smoking while driving? how can they be in control when 'lighting up' whilst moving?

Lets face it us motorists are just cash cows for the police, local authorities and government!!

Since a new piece of legislation was passed earlier this year called CIE.(continuous insurance enforcement) it is now an offence to own a motor vehicle that is taxed but not insured. Under the new requirements, if a vehicle is not insured the tax must be cancelled and the vehicle put on a SORN. If a person has a classic car or a motorcycle which is not used regularly, they could, before this piece of legislation, have kept it taxed but uninsured, and on a fine day could have made a quick phone call and insured it then been on the road in minutes. Now if it is uninsured they have to send the tax disk back and SORN the vehicle. Now on a nice sunny day they have to make a phone call and insure the vehicle. Go on line to the DVLA website and wait for the insurance details to show up in the database, tax the vehicle on line and wait for up to a week for the tax disk to arrive in the post. What has happened to the sunshine in the meantime? Regards Dave Dibble

Warning motorists of a mobile speed trap is surely assisting the police in reducing the speed on a particular stretch of road. Unless of course it's hindering the force in their 'income generation' duties.

I'd be a very interested to know where and when these offences took place and where they were originally reported.

Surely if you have to do a normal bodily function you can't be penalised. I that is the case then radios are too much of a distraction as is changing gear and looking in your rear view mirror as your not looking at the road. What a joke!

Hi, Ref the case of the driver flashing his light to warn off others, the person sitting in the camara van is NOT a police officer, nine out of ten vans employ jo public, if your stoped by an officer and told you will be reported, push it all the way by asking for the officer badge number and where he is stationed, (The one in the speed van)that is, the police office will not give you this info, stick to your guns by saying "I want this info for when I go to court" trust me it will go no further, I KNOW IV DONE IT MANY TIMES, also ask for the dutie sargent`s details, the office in front of you will back down.

At first glance, yes, these DO seem like stupid cases of over zealousness on the part of the police etc. But have you ever sat in traffic and watched a woman apply makeup whilst the lights merrily go through a full change? Have you ever seen women (and some men too!) finishing off tarting themselves up in the rear-view mirror whilst driving along? In my humble opinion, the real answer is to teach people to DRIVE properly - not just pass a one-off test. That way we might just make our roads that little bit safer.....

Saw a case recently in our local paper (N.Ireland). Guy wrecked an A&E dept, assulted two staff, attacked police who came to arrest him. He got a six month suspended sentence & no fine.Thats the nonsense of our justice system!Cheaper to be a thug!! Rip off the motorist!

revenue from speed cameras has fallen, so more ways must be found to milk the cash cow.

If a Police Officer give's you a ticket of any sort you have the option to have the matter taken to court, as most people today carry mobile phones with camera's it easy to take pictures at the time as evidence that you were not doing anything to put either yourself or other drivers in danger. Some bored Officers who should be solving crimes just give out motoring offence tickets with opscure penalty notice numbers that when you check up the offence number does not exist. If you pay a penalty Notice without first checking thats it's legal or if you feel the officer was in the wrong and accept three points on your licence then more fool you. If we all just lay down and play dead then the system will walk (or drive) all over us. If we all start standing up fpr our rights then hopfully the Govenment will start to listern and remove all these silly so called offence's the Last Labour Govenment landed us with to make the average working man pay more money into thier ever shrinking coffers.

The top item probably relates to an incident that occurred in Prestwick during January 2010, but which was soon dropped. Maybe the laws and their enforcement are not quite so crazy?

You are right that blowing your nose or eating a chocolate bar whilst stationary with the handbrake on should not be an offence. Indeed it would surely be more dangerous to let your nose run - very distracting. The thing I think is really dangerous is smoking while driving and I have never heard of anyone being prosecuted for that.

I was sent a fine for stopping in a loading bay, which allowed twenty minutes, because I did not get out of the car (though I actually had done so!) to take my angina spray!

Without knowing the full facts of the above quotes its difficult to comment. Although some police officers don't justify the name officer most do. As for fixed penalty fines, these represent the wrong form of justice, if something is deserving of a fine then it should be done through the courts, anything else is not justice, but revenue generation!

If you understand the prime purpose is extracting money from the motorist, all becomes clear