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British-Built Cars Have Highest First Time MOT Pass Rate

Honda And Toyota Top First Time MOT Pass Rate Table

Rule Britannia. Cars built in the United Kingdom have the highest, first time, MOT pass rate in the country, has revealed. They therefore eclipse vehicles manufactured in Germany and France, etc. Honda – that despite being Japanese owned builds cars in Blighty - is the best performing manufacturer with an overall score of eighty-seven percent. Other high achievers that build locally include Toyota in second with eighty-six percent, Land Rover in fourth with eighty-five percent, and Jaguar in tenth with eighty-two. Best performing models include the Honda Jazz, Honda CR-V and Toyota Yaris that have a ninety percent first time pass rate. The Land Rover Freelander finished fourth with eighty-nine percent and the Toyota Auris sixth with eighty-seven. This information comes courtesy of nearly twenty-five million tests performed between August 1st 2012 and July 31st 2013, and was made available via the Government's OpenData Scheme. There were, in contrast, manufacturers and models that achieved less impressive results. However, a notable proportion failed due to relatively minor faults. The most common related to lighting with headlamp aim being the most prolific. This was followed by suspension, e.g. shock absorbers; brakes, e.g. pads; view of the road, e.g. stone chips on windscreen and tyre tread depth, i.e. below minimum. Clearly, in some cases faults were maintenance issues rather than a reflection of manufacturer build quality.

Keith Adams Discusses MOT Pass Rates

Keith Adams, Assistant Editor of, commented: “The fact that British-built cars have scored so well in the MOT test results should come as no surprise whatsoever even if it is great news. Thanks to a combination of some of the most advanced, productive, and well-run factories in the world  the cars now being built here are world-leading in terms of build quality and reliability.”

Top Ten First Time Pass Rate By Manufacturer And Model