posted 4 years ago

British Drivers Invited To Fly The Flag

Transport minister announces ‘patriotic’ driving licence addition

The Union Flag is to feature on British driving licences alongside the flag of the European Union, transport minister Claire Perry has announced.

Anyone applying for a new licence, or changing their personal details, will now be issued with a licence showing both the British and European Union flags.

The changes will apply to motorists in England, Scotland and Wales and provide road users with a symbolic sign of their national identity.

Transport Minister Claire Perry said: “People in this country rightly take pride in our national flag which is why I am delighted it will now be displayed on British driving licences.

“Celebrating Britain strengthens our sense of national identity and our unity. I will feel proud to carry my new licence and I hope others will too.”

The inclusion of union flags on licences is one of a number of changes being made for motorists.

From 8 June 2015, the paper counterpart of the photocard licence will no longer be required.

DVLA has also introduced a service to allow the public to check the most up to date information on their driving record.

The European Union flag has been displayed on full driving licences since photocards first came into use in July 1998.

More than 127 million photocard licences have been issued since they were introduced.


Great idea to fly the Union flag on the licence but I bet the whinging Jocks will have a problem with it!!

Should be King George flag. BAD enough having number plates on car turn up with crap Euro flag, had to cover it up.

Scottish.never surprised the english didnt put the isis flag on it

You are all European you lunch monkeys, not that the rest of Europe wants anything but your money. I am off to Canada. Good riddance to you all.

Im English and NOT british!! i was born here in England and i resent the union Jack it doesnt represent the "uk" any more especially when Scotland prefer to fly their own flag , i would love to see the flag of England fly more and also be on licences the flag of St George is OUR flag

Good because I am British not European.. Plus give the UK peaple there national flags English, Walsh, Scottish . We're all part of UK and proud but we want our national identitys because we're proud of them too. Plus take EU flag off.

It's to late, about british identity don't make us all laugh,

I'm Scottish not british and definetly not european!!!!

I want a 'Ddraig Goch'. The Union flag has been usurped by the extreme right and English fascist groups like the UKIP, and I don't want to be confused with that lot when I drive in Europe. Another case of the English parliament railroading the UK with English wants.

will it happen with digi tacho cards also? and can i just send mine back the now to get done ?

Whats with the Union Flag. I would want a St George Cross!