posted 2 years ago

Business Grant To Cut Cost Of Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric car sales to be boosted if businesses receive a grant to cut the cost of fitting charge points at work.

EV charge network looks set to expand

The Government plans to launch a grant to make it cheaper for businesses to install electric vehicle charge points at their premises, rumours suggest. This would make it easier for motorists to switch to electric vehicles that have less environmental impact than traditional cars. As of now, a lack of chargers limits appeal.

A Department for Transport and Office for Low Emission Vehicles spokesman chose not to confirm such rumours. However, he claimed that fleet operators should "watch this space” and that “fitting charge points in workplace car parks is a huge opportunity”. We know there is an appetite out there from businesses", he suggested. 

There are no rumours to suggest how much money a business might receive towards the cost of installing charge points, or on what terms. Neither are there any clues that reveal how long such a scheme might run, or how much the government might invest in total.

government electric car grant

Confirmation expected within weeks

Chargemaster PLC is a designer, manufacturer and operator of electric vehicle charge points. Chief Executive Officer, David Martell, explained: “We have been informed that there is likely to be a workplace charging grant established this summer by the Government" - and "I'm told there will be an announcement in July”.

Grant could prove “Massively Beneficial”

Wayne Millward, Fleet Consultant at lease company Arval, suggested that cutting the cost of installing charge points could prove “massively beneficial” to business. However, he suggested that some businesses have not yet recognised that installation can be costly. 

He explained: “A lot of companies are saying it doesn’t cost that much to put a charging point in. But when they look at the electric infrastructure in their building - and they’ve got to run a cable for 200m to get power where they need it - that is where the cost is”. 

government electric car grant

Business grant could mimic current, home-based, scheme

The Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme is a live initiative that represents comparable support for motorists at home. Its purpose is to: “help private plug-in vehicle owners offset some of the upfront cost of the purchase and installation of a dedicated domestic recharging unit”, the UK Office for Low Emission Vehicles revealed. 

Drivers receive a 75% contribution toward the cost of installing a single charge point; up to £500 (including VAT). To qualify motorists provide: “evidence of keepership, lease, be named as the primary user of an eligible vehicle, or have ordered a vehicle”.

Eligible models include the: Nissan LEAF, BMW i3, Citroen CZero, Audi A3 e-tron, BMW 330e, Renault Zoe and the Nissan e-NV200 (van).