posted 5 years ago

Campaign to stop ‘reckless’ roll-out of 20mph zones

Critics question whether they work

Campaign group Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) is calling for Government to halt the roll out of 20mph zones following evidence that accidents in the zones have increased.

More and more local authorities are introducing 20mph zones as part of a road safety drive – but statistics from the Institute of Advanced Motorists show that accidents in these areas are increasing, not going down.   In the last year, serious accidents on 20mph roads increased by 26%, compared to a decrease on 30mph and 40mph roads.

The ABD is now campaigning for a halt to the roll-out of further 20mph zones until more is known about their effectiveness.

A recent survey of its members showed that 98% believed that observation and adjusting your speed to the conditions was a more important aspect of safe driving than obeying a 20mph limit.

77% thought that educating all road users on their responsibility under the Highway Code would make the biggest contribution to road safety in built up areas. Only 3.8% thought that 20mph advocates had made a credible case.

ABD spokesman Sean Corker said: "There is no such thing as a "20mph road" or a "30mph road" as road architecture and hazard density change continuously. If we add in variable weather conditions, seasonal variations (wet leaves or snow and ice) then the advice given by 20mph advocates - that safe driving consists of simply obeying a 20mph speed limit - is potentially dangerous.

“While it may be perfectly safe to drive on a particular stretch of road at 30mph on sunny weekday afternoon with clear sight lines and low hazard density, the same stretch of road on an icy January morning during rush hour is a completely different proposition."

What do you think? Are 20mph zones a good idea or a waste of time?

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