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Can a female driver halve the car insurance of their male partner?

Women can almost halve the car insurance bill for a man by simply being added to their insurance policy

According to research from women are a gender of spenders but despite these spending habits women who drive regularly could save their male partners big savings on their car insurance.

Women can almost halve the car insurance bill for a man by simply being added to their insurance policy, if they are a regular driver. The average annual cost of comprehensive cover for a male driver, if he is the only driver insured on the car, is £954 according to’s latest car insurance price index. However, by adding a spouse it could cause the premium to fall to just £452, creating a potential saving of £502. It appears that female partners can lower a car insurance premium because women are usually seen to be statistically "less risky" by insurance companies than men.

This saving is expected to end when the EU’s Gender Directive ruling comes in to force from December 21st this year, as insurance providers will no longer be exempt from a wider EU principle covering gender equality.

This means insurers will no longer be allowed to take gender into account when calculating car insurance premiums but until then, insurers can continue to use gender as a rating factor, charging men and women different prices.

Will Thomas, car insurance expert at, says “before the gender directive comes into force, adding a spouse or partner is a great way of lowering your premium and spreading the risk in the insurer’s eyes. However there may be some instances where adding a female driver may make your policy more expensive. Use your common sense here, if the driver is young and inexperienced or has driving convictions and a claims record then this is likely to make your policy more expensive.”

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I agree with Stewart Graham, all young drivers are guilty until they can prove themselves innocent of bad driving. I have two sub 20 year old daughters, insurance for both is prohibitively expensive. There should be a contract drawn up instead of a policy, which binds them to pay additional money in the event of an accident. Of course this will never happen as it's an admin nightmare. So it's not surprising that so many youngsters are driving around without insurance.

I ALWAYS LOOK AROUND EVERY YEAR FOR MY INS.AND MY WIFES.THIS YEAR I LOOKED INTO THE dual car policy for my wife and myself and bought from AVIVA which saved me well over £100 and saved my wife £200.She`s on my policy as second driver,and i`m on hers as second driver,so who`s saved who what?

Wing comments that insurance is cheaper in Saudi, this is not true, it is almost impossible to get insurance in this country, the population of Saudi has been falling for many years, and the cause is road deaths.

I agree with Stewart, a base rate could be paid then, if an accident happens & your to blame your premium goes up. I also think that a system like when you pass your test you should only be allowed to drive upto a 1.4l engine -like motorbikes- it increases with age & experience.

Car insurance is a rip off. Is it just because we live in UK car insurance is more of a rip-off? It's more expensive to insure here than it is in the USA, and Saudi Arabia. Now if you consider Saudi is at the top for death from car accidents, you'll understand what a nice little earner insurance in the UK is!

I still think the whole car insurance thing is a farce - you pass your test and then are penalised before you take your first car on the road... so in essence your guilty until proven innocent.. I think insurance should be based on the percentage value of your chosen car, then as a new driver if you have an accident then get the penalty of high priced insurance... and this should run true for male and female drivers - again based on percentage value of the car you drive... it sounds so simple to treat everyone fair - for something we all have to have - by law, and maybe if it was fair then there too would be less non insured cars on the road....

What I would like to see added to this article is what the average age is for both those brackets. One could asume that policies that have a female spouse added are genrally in an older age bracket (and therefore get cheaper premiums anyway) than those who just cover single male driver. As I would think an 18-21 year old male doesn't put his girlferiend on his policy.