posted 5 years ago

Can London be ‘Clean and Green’ by 2018?

Metrocab trials begin

An all new purpose-built Range Extended Electric (REE) Metrocab taxi was revealed publically for the first time at a presentation by London Mayor Boris Johnson on zero emissions taxis at City Hall.  Metrocab, together with ComCab, is inviting drivers to register for real-world trials in the new zero-emissions capable taxi and it seems many London cabbies have registered their interest already. 

It has been announced that all new London taxis will need to be zero emission capable from 2018 as part of a pledge made last year to introduce an Ultra Low Emission Zone in central London by 2020, Mayor Boris Johnson said “as part of my mission to improve our air quality and drive innovation, I’m making a firm pledge to Londoners that from 2018 all taxis presented for licensing should be zero emission capable.  The cleaner, greener vehicles I’ve seen today are proof that the evolution of the great London cab is well and truly underway.” Metrocab Chairman Sir Charles Masefield said ‘ the presentation by Mayor Boris Johnson of the zero-emissions models under development for London is a great opportunity for Metrocab to recruit drivers for commercial trials.  The all-new Metrocab is ready now and we are keen to get our cabs on the streets of London this year for real-world trials by drivers who will experience for themselves the cost savings, environmental benefits, easy ownership and maintenance, and enhanced passenger experience offered by our revolutionary new taxi.” He added “the new Metrocab looks very much at home on the streets in test-rides like a true next generation London taxi.”

The Metrocab from Ecotive and Frazer-Nash is the latest in a long line of electric powered transport solutions they have marketed and developed over the last twenty five years with world-class highly efficient, optimised and fully-integrated digital-electric and hybrid-electric powertrains.  Priced competitively to enter the taxi market, the Metrocab is powered by a lithium-ion polymer battery pack with an electric motor to each of the rear wheels. Following the in-market trials this year, the Metrocab will be rolled out in London and other key cities in the UK and internationally.

The Metrocab is capable of 75mpg and is over three times more fuel efficient than comparable current London taxi and an incredible 75% less co2 emissions than the current London taxi. There are six passenger seats and the option of a seventh passenger seat in the front and and the Metrocab is fully compliant with London Public Carriage Office (PCO) regulations. So Mr Boris Johnson could in fact achieve a greener and cleaner Capital by the year 2018.