posted 2 years ago

Car Clubs Receive £500,000 Government Boost

Government Backs Car Club Expansion

The Government has confirmed which car clubs have successful bid for part of its £500,000 fund to increase the number of people that hire cars rather than own them.

Car clubs come in various forms but work on the same premise. The motorist - rather than having the expense and inconvenience of buying, insuring, taxing and maintaining a vehicle that might only be used occasionally – hires for a short period when necessary.

The car might be reserved online for an hour or a day, picked-up from a parking bay close to the motorist, accessed via a membership card, and returned to the same location. 

Car Club Funding Successful Bidders

Successful bidders will collectively run a further 50 vehicles in England. They include:

  • Norfolk County Council and Norwich City Council: £100,000 to expand the Norfolk Car Club within Norwich and throughout Greater Norwich.
  • Derby City Council: £75,000 for a new club starting with 10 city centre vehicles.
  • Nottingham City Council: £37,500 to create 5 new hubs at key transport interchanges including the train station and park and ride sites.
  • West Yorkshire Combined Authority: £37,500 to expand its fleet of vehicles by 20.

Growing interest

Transport Minister Baroness Kramer Baroness Kramer said: “These investments will give the growing interest in car clubs added momentum.”

She continued: “Car clubs cut congestion, reduce carbon, and save people money while still giving people the freedom and flexibility to use a car when they want to.”

“We can now look forward to the winning towns and cities providing a practical demonstration of the increasing relevance of car clubs to sustainable transport.”

Benefits Of Car Clubs

The Government says the proportion of car-less households has risen since 2005. Equally - as motorists “value the convenience” car access ensures  - interest in clubs has increased.

Car clubs now incorporate 180,000 members and more than 3,200 vehicles. The Government claims that they “make much more efficient use of the limited space available on the road” and estimate that 1 club vehicle can replace 17 private equivalents. 

Car club vehicles also tend to have lower carbon emissions than the average car. The Government estimates that the nation's club fleet “saves over 2,700 tonnes of carbon” per annum. That is comparable to “886 return flights from London to Sydney”, it argues.