posted 6 years ago

Cars With Free Road Tax

Great news... numerous fantastic cars are eligible for free road tax saving motorists a small fortune.

Great news... numerous fantastic cars are eligible for free road tax saving motorists a small fortune. But how? Cars registered from March 1st 2001 are taxed according to their emissions. As such, every car sits on a scale from A to M with each letter associated with a price. Costs can also vary between new cars and those requiring subsequent tax discs. For example, a car sits in band 'I' if its emissions range from 176g/km to 185g/km. The first year rate for petrol and diesel cars in this category is £325, falling to £215 from year two. Also, it costs £1,030 to tax 'M' classified cars in year one - then £475. To consistently obtain free tax discs emissions must be 100g/km or less. Let us consider a few examples.

Our first contender is the Nissan Micra 1.2 DIG-S Visia 5d. This supermini's emissions are a rock-bottom 95g/km, it averages 68.9mpg, and could be yours for £11,250. Very nice – particularly as it has confident handling, excellent build quality, and plenty of equipment. The same can be said for the £15,265 VW Polo BlueMotion 1.2 TDI 3dr. This is even kinder to the environment as it averages 80.7mpg and emissions are only 91g/km. Both have reasonable acceleration too, reaching 62mph in 11.3 and 13.9 seconds respectively. Cars that can be taxed for free also include the: Citroen C3 1.4 HDi 16v VT, the Fiat 500 0.9 TwinAir Pop, the Ford Fiesta Edge Econetic 1.6 TDCi DPF 3dr, and the Kia Picanto 1.25 Halo EcoDynamics. It is worth buying these vehicles now while the current road tax system is in place. After all, every new car will soon sit in the 100g/km or less category causing the Government's tax revenue to fall. The charging criteria will then change. Oh dear.

My car sits on the drive all year and emits no fumes, that should mean I'm cleaner than those even with low emmision cars, but I still pay tax. It's an unfair tax and should be taken from cost of fuel based on how much you use the roads. Everyone uses the roads and they need to be paid for. The tax disc should be called road elligibilty license meaning your car is suitable for road use and not a danger to other road users or the environment, and incorporated within your insurance details. By the way, I do use my car but I was just making a point. ;-)

Why don't worry foreign cars have to pay road tax when there owners live here with

How about charging foreign lorries road tax of Euro's 10 per day or more. They currently get free road use compared to Uk lorries paying huge sums to use European roads and tolls

Oh those Tories! Let's get Labour back in as they won't put any taxes up.

Road tax doesn't exist. The term is misleading, as there is no specific tax paying for roads. The Vehicle Licensing Duty entitles you to keep a contaminating vehicle on the road. If you don't like the name VED, please call it a car tax (clother to the truth).

You bet the Tory Government will want to change the Road Tax criteria if the think that the Driver is getting away with anything! if they do that best add it into the price of fuel so those who use the most pay the most!