posted 10 years ago

Cash for Scrap

Government plan handout to scrap your old car

Motorists could be offered up to £2500 for trading their old car in for a new model. The plan is being backed by ministers in the hope of kick starting the motor industry. The scheme would offer buyers of new cars a cash incentive of £2500 when trading in a car more than nine years old. A figure has yet to be agreed but it would have to be a substantial amount for motorists to be tempted to visit the showrooms.

The German government introduced the scheme in January and this has led to a 21 percent rise in vehicle sales in February, the number in the UK fell by 21 percent in the same month. A similar scheme in France has not been quite so successful but buyers only receive £1000 for vehicles over ten years old.

The introduction of a scrappage scheme could create a demand for up to 250,000 new vehicles and remove an equal number of old and heavily polluted vehicles from our roads which can only be good for the environment.


How does this scheme help the low income family's who are already struggling. My car just failed mot, but in order to get this deal, I need to find another £40000 or more to actually buy a new car. Would someone tell me how does this help me? I now have to buy another second hand old car with a couple of hundred pounds which is all I can find?????? Some incentive aimed at the middle classes as usual!!!!!

hello i have got two old car one car is 10 year old and other car is 9 yeaar old. one car of those car aint got mot.. i was wondering can i get four grand or more and buy new car..if i get rid of two car . many thanks

I have a car which is 10yrs old,if i dont have the money to buy a brand new car can i buy a car with this scheme one or two years older car?? thanks

I have a car which is 9yrs old,if i dont have the money to buy a brand new car can i buy a car with this scheme one or two years older car

My car is a 51 so 8 years old. It has done 85,000 miles and I need to change it. I dont think I am eligible for the Govt scheme so what is the best way to get rid of it for some cash.

Hiya My car is more than 10 years old and has not passed its MOT yesterday, was looking to scrap this car and buy a new one, but this new government scheme sounds fab- can I be eligible for this even though MOT has failed???

This is just a spam con to collate your consumer details for marketing purposes.

What's to stop me buying a car for £850:00 then scrapping it and reciving £2000.00?

Britain had always been on the front of innovation on every corner.Why the british Governments ignored the demands for innovations within indisturies and now trying to copy Germany or France.German scheme is successful because German ecocomy is strong and workers are heigher paid than British workers. Every German loves his country and will die for his country BUT DROM MY EXPERIENCE OF 45 YEARS IN BRITAIN WANTS TO LOOK AFTER HIS/HER LOAF NOT THE COUNTRY.Under those conditions British scrap scheme MAY fail. But it is the Best scheme at the moment. Regards to all, Bhatia

the idea was nice but information like where to get the form,where to send them where to bring ur car? there is no clear instruction for those qualified or wants to participate. i suggest this should be available to all motorist.

this scheme is great news and would like to know how long do you have to own the car for this scheme. does it matter as long as the car is registered in your name?

i am all for the scheme and would like to know where to take the car and if the scheme will allow one to choose a second hand car worth the £2000.00 at a choosen car dealer for a choosen make

my 12yr old car i have owned 4 over a yr is not eligable.its taxed/tested.???? :(