posted 9 years ago

Cheap New Cars Inspire Bargain Hunters's database is the cost conscious home of some of the UK's cheapest new cars.'s database is the cost conscious home of some of the UK's cheapest new cars. These bargain basement beauties come in various shapes and sizes, from a reliable Japanese supermini to a stylish Italian fashion statement. So, let's set a pint-sized budget of £6,000 and consider the options.

Straight out the starting blocks is the new Nissan Micra. This fourth generation variant is great to drive, robustly constructed, and has a good standard specification. This includes the electronic stability programme, six air-bags, anti-lock brakes, and power steering. It also has a spacious cabin and, if you fold the rear seats flat, can carry up to 1,132-litres of luggage. Not bad for only £5,995.

Alternatively, how about the £5,995 Fiat Panda? This likeable mile muncher arguably lacks some of the quirkiness of its sibling, the Fiat 500, but its lower purchase price and tiny running costs more than compensate. In fact, if you choose the 1.3-litre 75bhp diesel model you should average a wallet pleasing 67mpg. This aversion to gas-guzzling means its emissions are low, so twelve months road tax only costs £20. Hurray!

Now, I have a GCSE in French, so - by perverse nonsense logic – I should be instinctively drawn to the Renault Twingo. Let's consider why. According to's database, prices for this quirky city car start at only £5,957. That is remarkably cheap for a shiny new vehicle. Further plus points include the Twingo's compact dimensions, light steering, and excellent visibility that make town driving easier than catching fish in a pond.

A cheap new car is not every motorist's first choice, and some may find a higher specified second-hand vehicle better suits their needs. But if you have a small budget and fancy something brand new, something backed by a manufacturer warranty, then one of these compact cruisers could be right up your street.