posted 8 years ago

Cheapest and Best Time to Buy a Cabriolet

Buying a cabriolet can be more expensive than a Hollywood divorce settlement.

Buying a cabriolet can be more expensive than a Hollywood divorce settlement, but leaping onto the bandwagon at certain times of year can reduce this expenditure. Equally, if a motorist has a convertible they wish to sell, advertising the vehicle at the optimum time can increase its desirability and sale price.

This is due to supply and demand. In simple terms, when heading for a freezing winter, the owner of a draughty convertible could be forgiven for swapping it for a relaxing Ford Mondeo. If thousands of motorists repeat this nationally, the market could be flooded by open-top stock that is hard to shift as the weather is frostier than a snowman's nose. In this situation, the value of convertible stock is likely to fall.

However, come the warmer weather sun loving motorists often flock towards exciting open-top sports cars. At this point there could be more people wanting to buy convertibles than in previous months, and less willing to sell. This could cause an overall rise in cabriolet values, which is very handy for the traders who have been stuck all winter with rusting MG midgets.

So, if you are in the market for a convertible, these cold winter months may be the cheapest time to slide behind a frozen steering wheel. Then simply wrap-up warm for a few months, at which point less forward thinking motorists may have to pay considerably more for their summertime indulgence. Happy motoring.