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Cheapest Cars To Insure

Car Insurance Groups Explained

Choosing cars that are cheap to insure could save you a small fortune. The key is to recognise that every trim - e.g. Studio 1.25-litre 3dr – not just every model - e.g. Ford Fiesta - has an Insurance Group Rating from one to fifty. The lower the rating the lower your premiums. Ratings are assigned by a Panel of Insurers based on information provided by research centre Thatcham. Various factors are considered. The first is the cost of parts to repair simulated front/rear impacts at 15kph (9.3mph). These could include bumpers, lights, radiators, etc. Repair times are also considered as mechanics tend to charge by the hour. As such, city cars that emerge from these light collisions could probably be repaired far cheaper than luxury saloons. Why? Because the latter are more likely to have extras such as parking sensors, cameras, and front fog lights. Thatcham also evaluates the replacement cost of twenty-three common components. City car headlights, for example, might be cheap but those for luxury saloons could be expensive if they incorporate (say) infraed beams as part of night vision systems. Factors such as acceleration, maximum speed, value, and security features also influence ratings.

Cars That Are Cheap To Insure

The Vauxhall Corsa ecoFLEX Expression 1.0i 12v sits in Insurance Group two, so it is extremely cheap to insure. Its modest performance (18.2 seconds to 62mph) and basic specification clearly have their advantages. Furthermore the Volkswagen Take up! 1.0, the Ford Ka Studio 1.2 and the Citroen C1 VT 1.0 sit in Groups one, two and three respectively. But not every supermini has a very low rating. The Corsa SRi 1.7CDTi 16v ecoFLEX, for example, is faster and better equipped than its basic sibling and this increases its Insurance Group Rating to sixteen. This is higher than the Ford Mondeo Hatchback 1.6 Ti-VCT Edge, the Nissan Qashqai+2 1.6 Visia, and the Renault Grand Scenic Dynamique TomTom 1.6 VVT 110. There are also prestigious cars that have reasonably low ratings. These include the Mercedes-Benz B 180 CDI SE 5dr (fifteen) and the Audi A4 Avant 1.8 TFSI SE 120PS (nineteen). So, if you want to save money consider which trim/engine you buy not just the class of car. Insurance premiums – irrespective of the vehicle - can be reduced by adding named drivers to your policy, earning a no claims discount, moving to a low crime area, and sticking to a small annual mileage. Happy days.

Cars that are cheap to insure