posted 3 years ago

Chevrolet Unveil 'Self Driving Electric Car'

Glimpse of the future

Chevrolet have unveiled a vision of the future; a self driving electric car named the Chevrolet-FNR, only a concept at present but it is most certainly a glimpse of what may arrive in the era of self-driving cars. 

The car was developed in Shanghai at General Motors Pan Asia Technical Automotive Centre, visually it appears as a futuristic capsule with ‘dragonfly’ dual swing doors that open upwards. Crystal laser headlights and tail-lights complete the futuristic look together with magnetic electric hub less wheel motors and a wireless auto charging system. The car can be turned on just by your eyes due to the iris recognition start most certainly something from a sci-fi movie. There are also sensors and a roof mounted radar which can map the area for when in self driving mode. When in self driving mode everything becomes very sociable, easy to sit and have a chat for this is when the front seats swivel 180 degrees to face the rear seats. A simple gesture control can enable the driver to revert back to manual control mode whenever suits. 

Concept could become production

Chevrolet is extremely committed to offering electric vehicles that meet customers lifestyles, recently they unveiled the new Bolt EV Concept and the 2015 Captiva. Even though there is production planned as yet of the Chevrolet-FNR the aim of creating a intelligent and unique vehicle has been accomplished and who is to know that within time we could be starting a car with a blink of an eye.