posted 4 years ago

Chrysler Axed From UK Market

Poor Sales Secured Manufacturer's Fate

Chrysler has started to withdraw from the British market and will vanish completely by 2017, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has said. The parent company blames its demise on poor sales and emission laws which have impacted upon its (often) large, fuel hungry, vehicles.

In 2014, Chrysler registered 1,982 new vehicles in the United Kingdom which represented a 21% fall compared to 2013. To put that in perspective, there were 4,096 Ford Fiestas registered in February 2015 which secured its spot as the month's best seller. 

Chrysler Ypsilon Available Briefly

In the time it has left, Chrysler is only selling its Ypsilon supermini – and soon that will only be available through the parent company's other dealers rather than Chrysler specialists. Fiat Chrysler Automobile brands include: Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Ferrari, Maserati and Jeep. Some of these look set to increasingly share dealership facilities in the following years.

Chrysler 300C No Longer Available

The Chrysler 300C – the manufacturer's large, imposing, executive cruiser – is a casualty of war despite once enjoying a reasonable following. Love it or hate it, the 300C stands out from the crowd. The Grand Voyager people carrier has been withdrawn too, so the  manufacturer's website has demoted both models to its used section.

Second-Hand Vales Could Plummet

The manufacturer's withdrawal could ensure the value of second-hand vehicles slide considerably. There is no guarantee – but it is a realistic possibility once the public widely recognise the brand's demise. This is unwelcome news for existing owners that need to sell, but good news for those that want a lot of car for the money.