posted 4 years ago

Chrysler Ypsilon 1.2 Platinum Low Cost Finance

Chrysler Ypsilon 1.2 Platinum Horizon PCP

Amazing. The Chrysler Ypsilon 1.2 Platinum steers itself into parking bays, reads text messages and looks like no other city car on the planet. All for forty-eight payments of £179, plus a £3,883 optional purchase payment. The total cost is £12,475. An alternative is to miss the purchase payment – and only invest £8,592 – then return the car with nothing to pay (subject to mileage/condition). This five-door hatchback has a “magic” parallel parking system which is easy to operate. As such, the motorist cruises passed a row of parked cars then activates the system via a button on the dashboard. It scans for a suitable space then – once successful - tells the motorist to stop. He/she then engages reverse and operates the clutch, throttle and brake – but the system steers. That can be the tricky part. Parking sensors then tell the motorist when to stop reversing. If necessary, he/she selects first to move the vehicle forward and bring its front closer to the kerb. Again, the system steers and parking sensors recommend when to stop. Amazing. But there is more. The Ypsilon Blue&Me infotainment system enables the motorist to make/receive phone calls, have text messages received by a mobile phone read aloud, and listen to music via a connected USB or Bluetooth device. Operation comes via voice commands and buttons on the steering wheel/dashboard. See - amazing.

Chrysler Ypsilon 1.2 Platinum Engine, Performance, Fuel, Styling, Cabin And Equipment

Amazing. The Chrysler Ypsilon 1.2 Platinum has other virtues too. As such, this five-door city car – that produces 69bhp and hits 62mph in a fair 11.4 seconds - averages 54.3mpg and its emissions are so low that it can be taxed for free in year one, then for £30 thereafter (based on the current rates). Furthermore, it cannot be mistaken for any other car thanks to its striking styling that incorporates a prominent grill, memorable lights and rear door handles concealed in its pillars. The cabin is special too. As such, the main instrument cluster is positioned in the centre of the dashboard rather than behind the steering wheel. This ensures the motorist can view the entirety of the important dials, rather than having the view partly blocked by the wheel. This fashionable vehicle also has a range of everyday equipment to complement its self-parking feature. This includes: air-conditioning, four electric windows, powered mirrors, cruise control, trip computer and a smart fuel cap that stops a driver using the wrong type of fuel. Amazing.