posted 5 years ago

Chrysler Ypsilon 1.3 M-Jet SE Tames The City

Chrysler Ypsilon 1.3 M-Jet SE Tames The CityChrysler Ypsilon Magic Parking System Explained

The Chrysler Ypsilon 1.3 M-Jet SE has a “Magic Parking” system that enables it to self-park – so … “abracadabra”. This optional extra focusses on parallel parking and is easier to master than the most basic magic trick. As such, the motorist simply cruises passed a row of parked cars - preferably dressed as a magician - then activates the self-park system via a button on the dashboard. It then scans for a bay that only has to be slightly more than four and a half metres long. Once it finds a space the system beeps to tell the motorist to stop. He/she then engages reverse and operates the clutch, throttle and brake – but the system steers the vehicle. That, after all, is the tricky part that can cause embarrassment. Parking sensors then tell the motorist when to stop reversing. If necessary, he/she then selects first gear to move the vehicle forwards and bring its front closer to the kerb. Again, the system performs any steering movements and parking sensors indicate when to stop. That magic trick is far more impressive than pulling a rabbit from a hat. Furthermore, it is invaluable for those that find parking hard and minimises the risk of hitting an adjacent car. Such damage cannot be fixed via magic.

Chrysler Ypsilon 1.3 M-Jet SE Engine, Performance, Fuel, Styling, Cabin And Equipment

The Chrysler Ypsilon 1.3 M-Jet SE has other magical qualities. As such, this five-door city car – that produces 95bhp and hits 62mph in 11.4 seconds - averages a tremendous 74.3mpg and its emissions are so low that it can be taxed for free. Furthermore, it cannot be mistaken for any other vehicle thanks to its striking styling that  incorporates a prominent front grill, memorable lights and rear door handles concealed in its rear pillars. The cabin also has a magical feel. Why? Because the main instrument cluster is placed in the centre of the dashboard (close to the windscreen) rather than behind the steering wheel. This ensures the motorist can easily view the speedometer, rather than having the view blocked by the steering wheel. More cars should follow suit. The M-Jet SE also has a fair equipment specification that includes: air-conditioning, a sound absorbing roof, MP3/CD player, electric windows, powered mirrors, daytime running lights, trip computer and a smart fuel cap that – as if by magic - prevents the driver using the wrong type of fuel. “Abracadabra.” Prices start at £14,250.