posted 4 years ago

Chrysler Ypsilon S-Series Limited Edition

Chrysler Ypsilon S-Series Exterior Features

The Chrysler Ypsilon S-Series Limited Edition gets more attention than a film star on Oscar night. But why? For starters, this city car – that is already one of the most distinctive looking in its class – has two-tone paint that screams “look at me”. As such, its predominant “Hero Blue” or “Clay Red” finish complement a black bonnet, roof and tailgate (bonnet/roof optional). But this film star's exterior has more to offer than two-tone paint. Features include the: twin-chrome exhaust pipes, sixteen-inch black wheels, “s” badges, front fog lights and a darkened grill. The result is a vehicle that stands out like an Oscar winner performing at a school play. The manufacturer, therefore, claims that this plaything is a “small car that makes a big statement”, has the “class” of larger vehicles and that “there's no better way to make an entrance”. Clearly, this five-door hatchback is not for the shy and retiring. The S-Series Limited Edition better suits those with the confidence of a film star accepting his tenth Oscar of the day.

Chrysler Ypsilon S-Series Interior Features

The Chrysler Ypsilon S-Series Limited Edition has a special cabin too. It therefore incorporates a Bose 360 stereo system that – according to the manufacturer – has speakers positioned throughout the interior to create a “wrap around effect”. What better choice for listening to Oscar news? The S-Series also has the Blue&Me infotainment system. This enables the motorist to make/receive calls, have text messages read aloud and listen to music on USB and Bluetooth connected devices. Operation comes via voice command, steering wheel buttons and the dashboard. This Limited Edition also has air-conditioning, daytime running lights, four electric windows and powered mirrors. Furthermore, the instrument cluster is in the centre of the dashboard rather than behind the wheel. This ensures the driver clearly sees the dials, rather than having the view partially blocked by the wheel. That alone is worth an Oscar.

Chrysler Ypsilon S-Series Engines, Performance And Fuel Consumption

The Chrysler Ypsilon S-Series Limited Edition is available with there engines: 1.2-litre 69bhp petrol (0 - 60 in 12.9 seconds/54.3mpg), the 1.3-litre 95bhp diesel (0 – 60mph in 11.0 seconds/74.3mpg), and the 0.9-litre 85bhp diesel (0 – 62mph in 11.5 seconds/67.3mpg). All are bolted to five-speed manual transmission. Clearly, however, the 1.3-litre diesel is the pick of bunch as it is fastest and most efficient – so it claims the Oscar. The Ypsilon S-Series also has respectable handling, soaks-up the worst of the bumps, and class-competitive cargo capacity.