posted 6 years ago

Citroën DS3 Cabrio From £15,045

Citroën DS3 Cabrio DSign VTi 82

The Citroën DS3 Cabrio DSign is better value for money than a half-price diamond. This soft-top beauty could therefore bring sparkle to your life from only £15,045. Strengths include its canvas roof that can be opened or closed electrically in sixteen seconds. Pretty fast, then. It can also be put in an intermediate position to partially cover the cabin, and unlike some roofs that only work at low speeds it operates at up to 75mph. This complements the striking bodywork that incorporates two-tone paint to create a floating roof effect. The DSign VTi 82 entry-level trim also has a comfortable and stylish cabin. Standard equipment includes: electric windows, power mirrors, and cruise control plus air-con and Bluetooth can be added for £700 and £800, respectively. The former is useful and would make this sparkler easier to resell. The new DS3 Cabrio DSign is fuel efficient too. Its 1.2-litre 82bhp petrol engine therefore averages 56.7mpg rising to 65.7mpg on the extra-urban cycle. Even through town where cars tend to guzzle gas it returns 48.7mpg. However, it takes 14.4 seconds to hit 62mph so it is not the fastest rock in the shop. But so what? This fashion statement does not have to be fast to be fun.

New Citroën DS3 Cabrio Market

The all-new Citroën DS3 Cabrio is likely to be popular with female motorists over thirty- five, according to its manufacturer. As such this compact convertible – which Citroën says sits in the “B2” class of vehicles – should entice a “high proportion” of “young at heart” buyers with older children. Citroën also expects it to find favour with younger couples and both male and female singletons. This is reflected via two commercials that encourage motorists to “escape the ordinary”. The first shows this beautifully cut diamond posing on a raised plinth. The canvas roof then retracts to the sound of Jo Cocker's You Can Leave Your Hat On. The effect is evocative and memorable. The second commercial starts with a white horse trotting along a sun-drenched beach. It is ridden by a child and Spandau Ballet's I Know This Much Is True can be heard in the background. Progress is then halted by a red traffic light. The kid looks bemused. The scene then cuts to a young man in the car who drives-off from a green light looking content. He is having more fun in the car than the kid on the beach. These ads must hit the spot as – according to a Citroën insider – the early sales figures are very encouraging.