posted 7 years ago

Citroen C1 is Great Value Easy to Park City Car

The Citroen C1 is the perfect companion for those who crave a great value city car

The Citroen C1 is the perfect companion for those who crave a great value 'easy to park' city car. This affordable run-around has several characteristics to help those who find manoeuvring in parking bays harder than splitting the atom.

For example, the compact C1 only measures 3,435 by 1,855mm so parking spaces feel so large it's like having a rowing boat in the middle of the Atlantic. However, these minute proportions are not too disadvantageous for passengers as there is enough space to carry four adults in comfort. The C1 also has a flat back and short bonnet to help visibility and minimise the chance of swapping paint with the adjacent vehicle.

This toy-size city car is available with a choice of two engines. These are the 1.0-litre 68bhp petrol and the 1.4-litre 55bhp diesel. The latter is the most economical as it returns a combined average of 67mpg and twelve months road tax only costs £35. The downside is this frugal model needs 15.5 seconds to crawl to 60mph. The petrol variant is faster and still averages 62mpg, so this may be the best choice for most urban dwellers.'s new car database reveals the Citroen C1 is listed with 'buy safe' sellers from £6,100 after the scrappage discount. This economical run-around is also available on a personal contract purchase plan for a £499 deposit plus twenty-four payments of £99 at 9.9% APR.