posted 4 years ago

Citroen C1 VT 1.0i For £6,995

Citroen C1 Price And Running Costs

Rejoice. The Citroen C1 VT 1.0i's price tag is smaller than a supermodel's waist. As such, this entry-level trim costs £6,995 including Citroen's £1,000 Reward Discount. And it seems that everything about this city car is small. It also has pint-sized running costs, you see, so it averages 65.7mpg and returns 74.3mpg on the extra-urban cycle. It manages 55.4mpg in town too. Pleasing figures considering it hits 62mph in a respectable 12.3 seconds. Furthermore, it can be taxed for free thanks to its low emissions and sits in Insurance Group 3 of 50. Premiums are therefore smaller than a model's dress size. But there is more to this workhorse than its tiny price and low running costs. Its compact body – which is only 343cm long by 163cm wide - makes manoeuvring through crowded cities straightforward. Parking is also effortless thanks to the excellent visibility and short bonnet. This complements the light steering, smooth five-speed manual transmission, and the class-competitive ride. Life, however, is arguably less comfortable on faster roads where wind and road noise can feel intrusive. But so what? It is a city car.

Citroen C1 VT 1.0i Equipment

The Citroen C1 VT 1.0's equipment specification – much like a supermodel – might be considered a little thin. However, it has an: immobiliser, air-bags, anti-lock brakes, CD player, and MP3 connectivity. Basic, yes – but this keeps repair bills small as there is not much to break. Those who want more can have the “Plus Pack” that adds: electric front windows, remote locking, LED running lights, a chrome grill, extra speakers, and an electronic stability programme. All for £765. It is worth that for the stability programme alone as this prevents the rear tyres losing traction through corners and spinning the car. This, of course, can be more troublesome than a highly strung supermodel. The C1 also has pleasing looks that earn plaudits in the fashion conscious city car sector. The interior looks pleasant too thanks to a higher quality finish than some of the manufacturer’s older vehicles. It also has helpful features such as dashboard storage and various door pockets. There is one niggle, though. Cargo capacity is only 139-litres. Not much considering that rivals such as the Ford Ka and Hyundai i10 have 224 and 225-litres, respectively. But that is a very small criticism of a car with otherwise big appeal. Rejoice.