posted 7 years ago

Citroen DS3 vs. Alfa Romeo MiTo

Most owners of the Citroen DS3 and Alfa Romeo MiTo like to 'show-off' a little.

Shall we be honest? Most owners of the Citroen DS3 and Alfa Romeo MiTo like to 'show- off' a little. Impressing the neighbours, driving something 'cool', and feeling slightly smug is (for many) part of the appeal of these three-door fashion statements. In fact, image is one of the most important factors in the class. Thousands of motorists purchase cars purely because of their style and status – and who cares if the engine falls-out after thirty-yards?

So, let us compare these lifestyle statements on this basis. Which, in other words, provides motorists with the greatest 'bragging' rights? Alfa Romeo Mito's image is clearly highly desirable. It is associated with a relaxed, effortlessly sharp, and easy-going lifestyle. Everything Italian screams status, at least on a superficial level. As such, the beautifully crafted MiTo is hot property – and this is frequently the case with prestigious Italian cars.

In contrast, the Citroen DS3 struggles. Beautiful France is unfairly associated with eating snails and random lumps of frog, and the manufacturer itself lacks status compared to its Italian rival. As such, telling your friends you drive a Citroen - even the capable DS3 - rarely generates the same envy as revealing that you have a striking Alfa Romeo. The DS3 also looks clumsy compared to the MiTo, which is more attractive both inside and out.

Furthermore, in the ever-popular pass time of bragging, the most powerful MiTo produces a useful 170bhp compared to the DS3's 150bhp. The fastest Italian stallion also has a higher top speed than its opponent, which is a major factor in pub-based Top Trumps. So, if image is the most important thing in your life – try the super-stylish Alfa Romeo MiTo.