posted 6 years ago

Citroen fit Insurance Black Box

First manufacturer to offer ‘Black Box’ as standard

Citroen is the first manufacturer to fit insurance Black Box as standard on a new car. The Black Box is aimed at young drivers and is fitted to the Citroen C1 Connexion special edition and means free insurance the first year of ownership to all eligible drivers from 19-75 of age when the car is funded with Elect 3 or Elect 4 finance.

The Black Box will appeal to the young driver as it will make driving more affordable when insurance premiums are so high. But opting for black box technology will not only benefit young drivers it will benefit women drivers and the more cautious male drivers as you are not penalised simply for age and sex. Middle aged drivers who have safer driving records and drivers who believe they are still safe on the roads can also benefit as insurers often start to bump premiums up for motorists in their seventies and eighties, as they are concerned about the higher accident rate among this age group.

Drive off in the new Citroen C1 for £109 per month

If you are a new driver the opportunity from Citroen means you can now drive off in a new Citroën C1 1.0i 68 manual 3-door Connexion for just £109 per month on Elect 3 finance complete with free insurance. The Citroën insurance included in this offer is free for qualifying young drivers subject to two years No Claims Discount (NCD). Thanks to the fitment of the telematics unit, Citroën is also able to offer heavily discounted cover to drivers with zero or just one year’s NCD. For example a nineteen year old with no NCD can insure a new C1 Connexion with Citroën Insurance for just £950.

The Citroen C1 has become Europe’s best selling sub-110g/km Co2 emitting car and demand has now increased for this little runaround as Co2 emissions are as low 106g/km making it one of the UK’s greenest and now one of the UK’s slowest depreciating cars. The nippy little runaround boasts 62.8mpg so is extremely appealing to motorists on a budget. Every model comes with anti-lock brakes and twin airbags as standard. The more expensive models add side airbags and cornering stability control. The interior is funky and uses good quality plastics that look and feel excellent.

Citroen has increased the production of the C1 Connexion special editions to meet high sales demands.