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Clocked Vehicles Costing Motorists Thousands

Motorists are overpaying by thousands of pounds for vehicles that have had their mileages rolled back

Motorists are overpaying by thousands of pounds for vehicles that have had their mileages rolled back, HPI and CAP have reported. This “clocking” process - based on reductions of 60,000 miles - therefore increases the value of the average hatchback by 42%, and popular models such as the Volkswagen Golf by 47%. Furthermore, 4x4 prices increase 30% (on average) and the Land Rover Discovery's credentials ensure its value shoots-up 37%. Also, the cost of the average people carrier rises by 50% and sports cars rocket 40%. The most prized in these classes - such as the VW Sharan and Alfa Romeo Spider Convertible - rise 60% and 47%, respectively. Clocking therefore has implications for motorists and for traders that unknowingly sell clocked cars. CAP's examples include:

Manufacturer Model £ Value at 30,000 miles £ Value at 60,000 miles £ Value at 90,000 miles
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF HATCHBACK (2009 - 2012) 9,125 7,475 6,225
FORD FOCUS HATCHBACK (2008 - 2011) 6,075 4,975 4,150
HONDA CIVIC HATCHBACK (2009 - 2011) 7,150 5,850 4,875
FORD MONDEO SALOON (2007 - 2010) 6,650 5,450 4,550
VAUXHALL INSIGNIA SALOON (2009 ----) 8,250 6,750 5,650
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT SALOON (2005 - 2010) 7,475 6,125 5,125
SAAB 9-5 ESTATE SPECIAL EDITIONS (2007 - 2010) 5,350 4,225 3,400
VOLVO V70 ESTATE (2007 ----) 16,100 13,200 11,050
BMW 5 SERIES TOURING (2010 ----) 18,400 15,600 13,500
ALFA ROMEO SPIDER CONVERTIBLE (2007 - 2010) 13,000 10,650 8,925
MAZDA MX-5 CONVERTIBLE (2009 ----) 8,800 7,175 6,025
AUDI TT ROADSTER (2007 ----) 14,700 12,900 11,600
LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER SPORT DIESEL ESTATE (2009 ----) 29,600 26,050 23,350
VOLVO XC60 DIESEL ESTATE (2008 ----) 17,300 15,250 13,650
LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 4 DIESEL SW (2009 ----) 29,150 24,750 21,350
VOLKSWAGEN SHARAN DIESEL ESTATE (2000 - 2010) 11,200 8,850 7,075
FORD GALAXY DIESEL ESTATE (2010 ----) 12,050 9,850 8,225
SEAT ALHAMBRA DIESEL ESTATE (2000 - 2010) 9,375 7,675 6,400

How To Spot Clocked Cars

The only way to have total confidence in a car's mileage is to buy new. However, it is possible to minimise risk on the second-hand market. Start by cross referencing MOT certificate mileages with the service history/invoices. If the certificates are missing they can be viewed online at: The key is to look for consistency. If, for example, the MOT mileage on May 1st 2013 is 80,000 then a service stamp two days later at 85,000 miles is suspicious. A lack of paperwork is concerning too as there is nothing to cross reference. Furthermore, service history can be faked so contact the garage that has (apparently) maintained the vehicle. Confirm its records match the paperwork. Step two is to find comparisons. Why? Because a Ford Mondeo that has covered 10,000 miles should feel superior to a high mileage example. So, test several to familiarise yourself with the range. Plus, of course, buy from a reputable source and buy a history/mileage check from a company such as HPI:

For peace of mind just buy an ex lease car with a high mileage that way you will pay less and saves any doubt about mileage also they make excellent cars as they have covered longer journeys in a short time

All new MOT certificates give the two years previous mileages of vehicles

I bought a grand vitara 5 years ago with 77,000 on the clock but I found out 3 years later after checking its mot history it had done 180,000 this explains why I have replaced so much on this car. I now have a problem with the gearbox which will be a very expensive repair and not worth doing as the car has done so many miles so the car is now worthless

On going case so no name. If you are not car minded who would you turn to for advice on the quality of a car ? The main agent ? That is what I always do - never heard until recently about ythe website for checking the MOT records - why is it not on all MOT certificates and log books ? Why is the history not part of the log book [as it used to be including the former owners ?] So Purchased a car with service book and MOT - all looked OK. It had just had a main service and the service dept of the main agency gave it a clean bill of health. The hand book was for a more recent model and I could not reset the clock so took it to my main agency. It needs £10k of work. The service book is a fake and possibly the MOT When I found the web site by chance it has been clocked several times. Did you know it is NOT a recorded crime ? No wonder the crime figures are down. How many more crimes are not classed as recorded crimes ?

Not always easy to spot. Went to an official Jaguar dealer. Asked to see service history of a nice looking S type and two books fell out of their folder. Told one had been lost and found, meanwhile another had been used. Looked closely and saw different VIN numbers on these two service books. Asked why and got a lot of flanel and was pressed to view the car again. Did so an saw it was fitted with tyres made in China. Walked away. All this in the premium car sector. Goodness knows what the rest of the industry gets up to.

even easier with an electronic read out as you only need a computer and a bit of soft ware!!

Whilst the activity described is really frustrating as you can potentially pay more than market value for a clocked vehicle the other worrying part for me is around unseen wear and tear for example if the timing belt should be changed at 100K and you believe the vehicle has only covered 50K then you wouldn't look to get this work done, if the vehicle has actually covered 100K and been clocked you could end up needing a new engine should things go wrong. It also has a massive impact on wareable safety systems as these too could go unchecked on a clocked vehicle.