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Complaints for Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson

Complaints for Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s comments reach ‘all time high’

Jeremy Clarkson's controversial comment that all strikers should be executed “in front of their families” is set to become the most complained about remark on the BBC.

The latest update shows 31,057 people have complained about the incident which is 10,000 more than the figure published on Friday morning.

Top Gear presenter Mr Clarkson appeared on the One Show on Wednesday and was asked what he would do with the strikers, he replied "I would have them all shot". He added: "I would take them outside and execute them in front of their families. I mean how dare they go on strike when they have these gilt-edged pensions that are going to be guaranteed, while the rest of us have to work for a living." At the end of the show, the presenters issued an on-air apology for Clarkson’s “exaggerated” comic talents and “strong views”.

Mr Clarkson later apologised for the remarks saying: "If the BBC and I have caused any offence, I'm quite happy to apologise alongside them.”


good on you clarkson just saying what real workers think in a round about way run for PM please

High five Jeremy ! ! !

Jeremy was expressing a sentiment, not a statement of intent. His views are echoed by many. A significant body of people have negotiated early retirement perks which the country can ill-afford and the rest of us will have to work for another 2 years to pay for it.

Have the PC brigade nothing better to do than take offence on every one elses behalf. I am certain that they have had some sort of treatment to remove their sense of humour. All I can say is for them to see the remark in the manner which it was delivered, and to get a life.

I said not exactly the same thing 12 hours ago but similar, and got nods of agreement. A private pension is paid for by the individual, I would have to pay 250 quid out of my 800 pound a month wages, but I have bills to pay, so I will put up with my lot. I don't know who Jeremy Clarkson is but I can't fault his remark. Everyone goes on about freedom to strike, what about freedom of speech.


Self assurance breeds arrogance, doesnt it , Jeremy? Enjoy your eviable position, the money you get for doing what you enjoy best, and just remember that not all are as insensitive as you are, and you will be fine! No?

Clarlson is a mindless individual who appears to know nothing about the about the difficulties professional workers endure. he should be sacked for making such statements. He wants to try educating himself to such an high standard as professional people, instead of acting like an idiot playing with cars.

the vast majority of the populace back and agree with Jeremy clarkson the jobworthy strikers and hire people who would appreciate the job

I'm not furious of JC, but the rest of you who somehow think that you are paying my pension and that its somesort of gold plated money mountain. If you knew the facts you might have a bit of empathy, like the nurse I will only get about £6000 a year after 30yrs which you lot haven't paid for I have paid for it myself out of my wages every month. If you wanted you too could have a pension, and if you got one would you then be saying that everyone else is in fact paying it for you - no you wouldn't. For the record the pension fund we are talking about was revamped in 2008 and decided that we will pay even more from our wage and its not set it is a percentage, so the more you earn the more you pay. Also if I worked in the private sector, my wages would be twice what I get paid in the public services which protect you and I every day. And further facts, the fund we pay into is money rich, more is paid into it each year than is paid out of it, this was sorted out in 2008. And what was announced in the pre budget speech? that £30 billion is going to be pumped into the building of new roads/ repairs to highways etc etc, and where is the money coming from? you won't believe it - but the public sector pension fund, which the government borrow from, now they couldn't do that if there was no money in it could they. What you lot should focus on is the idol layabouts who we all pay for, who don't want to work cos they get enough from handouts ( and before you all start bleeting, I mean the ones who dont want to work, not the ones looking for a job ). I worry about redundancy, paying the bills, running the car, I pay £200 a month just to get to work, I earned more money as an electrician but I choose to help the public - more fool me!

I hate to admit that I like Jezza Clarkson, the guy is funny. His career is driving fast cars and need never worry about money again (since his wife who he has cheated on - crafted his career). The guy lives down the road from Cameron - another toff who is so far removed from whats really going on, so what did we expect? Lets hope the guy doesn,t do a Hammond and end up with his head in the floor because the people coming to save him will have been shot in front of their families!

The man is a complete turkey with an over inflated pay matching his ego. Thank god he is one of the four wheel brigade. If he was doing his show in may back garden i'd shut the curtains.

Clarkson is nothing more than an overpaid self opinionated oaf. The BBC should shoot him down in flames

I sent a complaint about all the complaints to the BBC and said I agreed with Jeremy except that I would have included the families too. They came back saying they couldn't read all the emails but my 'complaint' had been added to the totals. So that figure's wrong anyway.

Hopefully, people will ultimately vote with their remote control and not give him space in their living room.

clarkson's a 100% clown , it was only a poorly constructed joke it would have been better to say take their pensions off them , another joke ,get a life moaners

if you dont like it "watch one of the hundred other programmes on tv ! it was a joke ! people who write in should use their valuable time on something worthwhile like volunteering for good causes ! top gear is good clean tongue in cheek reporting ! so if its not to your taste ! "DONT BLOODY WATCH IT"! EASY !!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't it funny how there were almost no complaints when the show was first aired. The complaints came from the badly edited highlights. Jeremy Clarkson was joking, and the sooner these brain dead morons get that, the sooner we can get back to some proper entertainment. Carry on Mr Clarkson, you always bring a smile to my face.

what happened to our sense of humour.The world is full of sorrow so lets try and keep things in prospective and enjoy living

i dont like him. but it was a joke .whats happen with us cant we take any more jokes if thats the way things are going i would sooner live some where ells

This cosseted idiot does not understand that such remarks offend people, without civil and public servants he would not enjoy the life and pastimes he does,The man is a buffoon ! He should loose his job. Anyone can drive cars fast but ask him to explain what is under the bonnet and he would revert to the bottom of the class,what he knows about cars I had forgotten by the time I was 21.

J.C. Was having a joke, and now it has gone sour, on him. It needs to go no further now. OK. M Lautenberg.

Jeremy is a presenter and an individual who speaks hs mind and well done to him for that, and i am sure there are times when he is saying things in just but its all the other who jump on to the lets beat Clarkson band wagon and cause immiture sensationalisim for ther own gratification.Move on!

This is just another example of the smug, po faced media jumping on a bandwagon to cause controversy. It was a JOKE, for Pete's sake, & pretty funny I think

If they were in the socielist utopia they long for they would be shot and it would not even get a mention in the media

Jeremy is saying what a lot think, those in the public sector have being protected far too long, it is the private sector that have t fund everything, i doubt the government will guarantee my pension!

Absolutely rediculous for anyone to complain,about something that was said as a JOKE, sad people, to get wound up about something said in jest. Get a life springs to mind. A.Martin.

My kids really likED Clarkson and loved the show. My 13 year old daughter said that she doesn't like him now because he has no idea how hard her parents work and that a being a TV presenter does not give him a right to voice his stupid ideas. Well said.So to those of you who say others are just humourless,I am not sure what elements of his comments were so funny. What a twerp - really, just a silly manboy.

It was a joke by Jeremy , for god sake have they lost there humour ? and anyway why not just fire the strikers. and shoot all the people with no humour !

Cant believe how naive ppl are. Of course he meant it. He's big friends with David Cameron and got loads in the bank. I am a nurse paying into the public sector pension for 24 years. I pay a lot of money into my pension, not by my own accord. It's automatically taken. And now you want to.take it from me. This government is relying on dividing the country and by the looks of it they're doing grand job of it. If they start on us how long do you think before they start on you. It's my money not theirs. Perhaps if they should got rid off the bankers bonuses. Jeremy clarkson abused his position by using the media. I don't think he should be sacked because its ppl who are falling for his "joke" are the worrying ones. Stop dividing the country

Yes it was said jokingly but it was certainly meant. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but when a celebrity uses the media to express theirs it is abuse of their position. Jeremy clarkson is a big friend of Camerons and anyone who believes that it was a joke are naive to say the least.

I like a lot of people know this to be a joke. We all know this it's just that some of the general public love to complain, about something. Carry on Jeremy.

Can't see that he said anything which all (?) of us in the PRIVATE sector weren't thinking anyway. Where were the PUBLIC sector employees fighting for my pension when The Equitable sank ?

As a 70 year old without much of a sense of humour even i thought it was just a joke to lighten the mood.Of course i sympathise with people who feel hard done to but in the real world .......

OK everybody must see this was a(very poor)joke. JC has plumbed new depths of stupidity in his quest to "shock and awe" which sadly has rendered him "cock and bore" ...time to take delivery of the new Audi JC. PS; a word of correction... the rest of US work for a living Jeremy!

Don't no why u don't just run the country and the bbc cos there are both doin a shit job

It's extraordinary isn't it how this has been blown out of proportion. Let's put things in perspective. Clarksons' views are supported by the wider population, primarily the private sector who are frankly fed up with the public sector taking them for a ride. There are many in the public sector who do actually work for a living but the disgust is directed towards those individuals within, such as the beaurocrats and pen pushers sitting in their offices in the local and county councils, the idiots in whitehall who wouldn't be able to function in the real world and the union officials who display such hypocrisy, it's enough to make one sick!

It was tongue in cheek!!! For goodness sake, the majority of British people seem to have lost their sense of humour & racial discrimination and religious discrimination has gone mad. I love Clarkson's humour - we should be able to state our opinion - we should be able to say Merry Christmas and who cares what you call your "God"!

I think the comment was taken out of all proportion. i did 24 years in the military then i got a job engineering and now for my sins doing Health and Safety, i am the only wage earner for our family my does not earn or claim benifit and i sometimes struggle to pay the bills, i am under paid at work but i am paid. i would love the peace of mind of a decent pension but do not have that luxury. i have a military pension and the state pension and i am paying into a private pension through work but combined they will still fall short in this world of ever increasing price rises. if i went on strike i would get my P45. so i agree with JC, even though we all know it was a joke but bitter times sometimes produce bitter comments

Edward Seaton: How do you know we public sector workers 'hold you to ransom?' Obviviously a Mail reader or the contents of the super soaraway sun editorial, are your source of info'.....numpty! Teachers pensions are funded - By teachers. Our pensions have been paid for - by US. Not subsidised by you or any other private sector workers. By why let the facts get in the way of a good ol right wing rant eh!!!

Jeremy has possibly the best job in "The World" and I admit to regular bouts of envy. Let's remember his free speaking reputation is cushioned by the luxury of extreme wealth, so loosing his job as a result of "off piste speaking" will not be a great concern for him. However in my experience his opinions are shared with us more humble mortals in the pub, club or bar. So carry on Jeremy while we all giggle away behind behind the sofa.

It was a JOKE!! and any intelligent person who watched the programme would recognise that. We are becoming a winging humourless society obsessed with finding something to complain about

what has happened to our sense of humour - he was being satirical to get his point across. The strikers should grow up. How many actually heard him and all he said, weren't the majority out shopping? Finally, shooting them would be no good since their wives/partners would still get all the outrageously generous benefits!

When the BBC pay Jeremy his over inflated pay to be the top gear moron what remarks would you expect him to make?

Everyone has a right to choose to have a private pension. If they have not arranged one then that is up to them. The public sector have every right to protect what they have paid for and been told they would get out of this and not to be short changed. You do not change the rules of a game when it has started do you.

This has been totally blown out of all proportion. Jeremy Clarkson has a reputation for controversial statements and remarks, mainly on Top Gear itself. You either love him or hate him. Anyone who actually listened to the whole interview should have picked up that he was stating an over exagerated view against the strikes, after his equally over the top comments for the strikes. It's about time that people started to worry about the important things in life!!!

it was just a bit of harmless fun,but ppl should realize that this is the worst resession in our time and going on strike on that scale was b bit silly to say the least and good on clakie to say what of us hard hit self employd seriously think.

Clarkson is an overprivelleged loudmouth who should think before he speaks. I suffer verbal abuse on many occasions every day when I don't pay a crisis loan to someone who has spent or lost more benefit that I earn then from my £1400 a month take home pay will be expected to pay a further £50 a month into my pension to get less from it kepp it shut Jeremy

Clarkson should have his obnoxious backside publicly slapped on the next Top Gear show. And 20% of his many millions should be forfitted!

As I said--Grow up you lot out there--Haven't we all said at some time --e.g. "I could kill him"--we don't actually mean we are going to go out and commit murder