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Continental ContiSilent Tyre Reduces Road Noise

Continental ContiSilent Tyre Construction

Love the quiet life? If so, try Continental ContiSilent Tyres that reduce cabin noise up to 9db (depending on the vehicle and road conditions). But how? These revolutionary products – that resemble standard tyres from the outside – have polyurethane foam coatings bonded to their interiors via powerful, long lasting, adhesive. These dampen the sound caused by tyre movement so less noise is transferred to the cabin. This makes journeys more comfortable and less tiring. ContiSilent Tyres have the same braking and handling characteristics as the standard products on which they are based. As such, motorists do not have to compromise (say) stopping distance in the wet. There is also no negative effect on vehicle fuel consumption and load/speed capability. ContiSilent Tyres are compatible with standard wheel rims and the fitting process is the same as for the traditional, noisier, equivalents. Audi will be the first motor manufacturer to benefit from this concept that is likely to become popular in the foreseeable future. As such, these tyres will soon be bolted to the RS 6 Avant, the RS 7 Sportback, and the A8 Saloon.

Continental Tyre Company History

The Continental Tyre Group's British operation is based in Middlesex and focuses on three core markets: replacement tyres for cars, 4x4s and vans; tyres for commercial/industrial vehicles such as trucks, buses and forklifts; and supplying motor manufacturers with compounds for brand new vehicles. Within this remit the group – which is a subsidiary of the Continental Corporation that had sales of €32.7 billion in 2012 - supplies products badged as Uniroyal and Semperit. This enterprise can trace its roots back to 1871 when it produced solid tyres for carriages and bicycles. Later – between 1935 and 1940 – it became a serious player in the world of racing with Mercedes and Auto-Union. Achievements include four consecutive wins at the German Grand Prix, four in the North African Tripoli race, three in Italy and numerous speed records that helped racing drivers such as Carraciola and Rosemeyer become household names. In 2002, Continental joined forces with Bridgestone to create a worldwide standard for run-flat tyres for installation on conventional wheels. Furthermore, the following year it revealed the ContiSportContact 2 Vmax which was the first road tyre approved for speeds up to 224 mph. Throughout its life, this versatile company has also produced brake callipers and blow-moulded polyurethane gaiters. Hardly a quiet life, ey?

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Motorists must not forget that its still on the EU agenda to make British motorists change their tyres when they get to 3mm