posted 8 years ago

Cost of Fuel Higher than MPs Blood Pressure

Averages prices recently reached 120.1 pence per-litre

The cost of fuel is now higher than an MP's blood pressure after submitting a dodgy expenses claim. Averages prices recently reached 120.1 pence per-litre for unleaded and 120.9 pence per-litre for diesel. So, what can motorists do to reduce their expenditure?

One of the main factors affecting fuel consumption is inevitably your choice of vehicle. Therefore, if you cruise around in an elderly gas-guzzler it may be more cost effective long term to upgrade to a more efficient model. The Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion, for example, returns a staggering combined average of 74.3mpg. Even the Ford Mondeo 2.0-litre TDCI averages 53.3mpg.

Once behind the wheel the best way to reduce fuel consumption is to drive gently. Now, I am not suggesting you amble around like granny on her way to church – but using certain techniques could save you a small fortune. These include minimising engine revolutions by changing gear early, avoiding hard acceleration, and slowing the vehicle down by easing off the throttle rather than braking.

Further techniques which can reduce consumption include keeping the vehicle properly serviced, improving aerodynamics by removing the roof box, and lightening the load by chucking your dumbbells out of the boot. Hardier souls may also benefit from switching-off the fuel sapping air conditioning.