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Cost Of Vehicle Repair Varies 30% By Region

Most Expensive Area For Car Repairs In UK Exposed

UK vehicle repair/maintenance costs vary up to thirty percent by area with East Anglia the most expensive, claims. Data is based on the typical cost in three popular categories.

In East Anglia, brake and exhaust work is priced at £196 compared to a national average of £178. Engine and cooling work cost £327 – compared to £309 – and servicing and MOT is priced at £199. The typical outlay is £186.

Area breakdown

Mechanics in Edinburgh and Glasgow, in contrast, charge less than any other region or city. Average costs are £155, £251 and £140 respectively. The breakdown is:


Brakes and Exhaust

Engine and Cooling

Servicing and MOT

Grand Total

Edinburgh and Glasgow





Northern Ireland















North East










North West















West Midlands





Yorkshire and Humberside





East Midlands










South West










South East





East Anglia





UK average





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Why do car repair costs vary by region? - which enables motorists to request online quotes from mechanics for specified tasks such as replacing brake pads - explains: “It’s clear straight away that prices in the northern half of the UK are, on average, lower than in the south.”

This could reflect relative average wage rates. Furthermore, garages in rural areas tend not to “offer bargain basement expertise” as some people expect. The cost is typically “higher than those within nearby cities”, after all.

The probable explanation is that urban mechanics have more competition – and must, therefore, be more competitive – than their rural counterparts.

London highest for bodywork repairs has other observations too. Drivers in London are more than “twice as likely as the national average to request bodywork or dent repairs”, for example. Hardly surprising considering the immense volume of traffic relative to space.

Londoners are also two and a half times “more likely to request in-car entertainment or audio-related work”. A possible explanation is that such systems help pass the time in traffic.

Furthermore, “almost the exact opposite” is the case in Scotland – particularly rural areas – where there is ”more emphasis on brakes, exhausts and tyres” as drivers cover more miles than their London counterparts.

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