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Could you pass your driving test again?

A survey by road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist reveals that 76% of UK motorists are confident that they would pass their driving test first time if they had to take it again

A survey by road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist reveals that 76% of UK motorists are confident that they would pass their driving test first time if they had to take it again now with 67% being positive they would pass it if the test was taken today.

When looking at the theory test it is a different story with fewer than 50% believing they would pass and 41% unsure of what their result would be. Only 35% believe they are as familiar with the Highway Code now as when they took the test originally. David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, said “it’s great to see that, as a nation, we are very confident in our driving ability. It would certainly be a worry to have motorists on our roads who believe their driving has got worse. However, it is less pleasing that drivers seem to have forgotten everything about the theory test since they passed it however many years ago. A lack of knowledge of the Highway Code could lead to a serious accident so we do urge drivers to keep as up to date as possible.”

The survey also revealed that reversing would be the second most likely cause for failure, closely followed by city driving and 26% admitted that parking would be the biggest challenge in the practical test.


I am a HGV Driver and we do have continuous training with the new cpc we have to do every five years. I have been doing my job for over 30 years and driving is getting worse peoples atitudes are a big problem. Lane discipline and indicators are my biggest bug. When people dont indicate particularly on roundabouts and i have to stop my lorry only to have them turn off before. Also its that got to be in front attitude and people will do the most silliest of things just to get in front of the lorry. As for lane discipline apart from the middle lane hoggers, i can normally mange to keep my articulated lorry within the lanes most of the time not bad for 45ft long most people cant manage it in cars. Things need changing im not sure what but it has to start at the initial driver training.

Absolutely ridiculous I would be surprised if more than 10 per cent of road users would pass a driving test without training. People may think they are good drivers but in my experience they are generally a lot worse than they think, and its what's more worrying is that they don't recognise when they are doing things wrong or dangerous

I agree with Carl and positively with Dean. I drive buses in Oxford and it is a total nightmare. I again have passed my bus and full bike and i consider myself average. We are always learning when it comes to driving here is sooo bad! However, a theory test maybe not every year but certainly every 3 years that just doesnt cover a car, but motorbike and large vehicles. Like Dean says, Ongoing Training has gotta be a must as we all get a little complacent sometimes!

Firstly i would happily take a re test every year, as long as it was free. i think we all pay enough already. Secondly i dont know how you could test someone properly, as i'm pretty sure the idiots that speed or jump red lights etc, will not do it while doing a test. i have been driving since 1990, and i still insist on doing the things i was taught. no one indicates on and off roundabouts anymore, no one indicates on motorways, people jumping red lights are leaving it later and later, to the point where other traffic on a green light have to 'give way'. In a re test, no one would use their mobile phone, but we all know, as soon as they leave the test centre, they'll be on their phone bragging they past, 'while driving'. I could go on all day with a long list of things. I know i'm not a perfect driver but i do try to drive safely for myself and other road users.

Since Passing my Driving test in 1996 I have also passed my LGV 'C', and Full Motorcyle license. I was not required to take the therory 1st time, but having to do this for subsequent categories has helped to keep me on the ball. Driving should be regarded as a vocation, and ongoing training can help this. If my driving standards deteriorated to a level where I had become potentially dangerous,then I would want to know about it, and certainley take action to improve. The reality is that most peopple see themselves a good drivers, regardless of how good they really are. Ongoing training is the answer.

The IAM [The countries leading Road safety charity] Can do that. Not a mock test but an assessment to see if you are still fit enough then help and advise. Plus money of a course too.

Seeing how many people fail to realise what a giveaway junction at a roundabout or any main road means let alone what a green amber or red mean at traffic lights, I very much doubt 76% would pass there test. They don't seem to know what a single and double staggered giveaway means and they also think green means go and get out of my way. If you still don't know what they mean, then you just failed your test. Ps, I've seen many a poor driving instructor out there too, which makes current driving standards even worse.

I would liko take a mock test

Only a few would be able to pass their test again.Myself being a Approved Driving Instructor see the standard of driving and sometimes it is really poor.Last week in school zone flashing 20mph doing 20mph car overtakes us on the the pelican crossing just as well no childern using the crossing it. Another one at two lane roundabout in left hand lane turning left car from right lane car puts on left hand signal and cuts in fronts of us and turns left.Many times no signals or wrong signals at roundabouts.I believe the time has come for all drivers to be retested every ten years when you renew your photo licence or if not that some further training and proof to be shown before they get the licence. For Remember their is about 2500 people killed on our roads and many more injured.That is like a large aeroplane carrying 200+ passengers crashing every month then their would be an outcry about it.Yet with the car crashs being only one,two,three or four people being killed or injured not enough is being done to reduce it. The heartbreak this causes with to sons,daughters,mums,dads grandparents friends and many more.Remember to take care the next time you get behind the wheel of your car.

I was a driving instructor 15 years ago and I think I would need some serious practice to pass my test again. Judging by the 'unusual' manoeuvres I see on the roads every day I doubt that 76% would pass.

I doubt many would pass at all. The standard of driving for the majority is poor. Though the standard DSA test is not even fit-for-purpose. For collisions to be reduced, better training is needed, along with a more thorough test inc night driving and motorways plus regular retests to keep the same standard. The sort of standard that the IAM uses.

Idoubt that I could pass the test first time, and I trained as an instructer 12 years ago!!!