posted 4 years ago

Could You Save Money By Going Ultra-Low Emission?

We test website tool to find perfect “green” vehicle

Needless range anxiety could be costing millions of motorists dearly by deterring them from switching to an ultra-low emission vehicle, according to research.

Go Ultra Low, a joint initiative by the Government and UK automotive industry, estimates that motorists could save £860 per year in tax and fuel by switching to ultra-low emission vehicles.

They say that many motorists still believe old myths about the cars, the main one being that the cars don’t have the necessary range, when in fact some ULEV’s can travel between 150 and 700 miles between charges due to having a backup petrol or diesel engine.

There are also different attitudes among people of different ages.

Around two thirds of motorists aged under 24 drive an ULEV compared to just a quarter of those drivers aged over 55. However according to Go Ultra Low research, around 70% of drivers are planning to change their car within the next four years. Of those, 30% say they have considered switching to a ULEV.

Many drivers also think that the cost of running a ULEV is a lot more than a similar petrol or diesel powered car.

Go Ultra Low’s research suggest that petrol or diesel cars cost on average around 12p per mile to run compared to just 2p per mile for a ULEV.

However, ULEVs do tend to cost more to buy in the first place than a conventional car.

The Go Ultra Low website has a tool to work out which low emission car would be best suited to various driver needs.

We used the Go Ultra Low tool to identify the right ULEV vehicle for different motorists. This is what we found.

BMW i3

For the small family that wants to go green but still have own a car from an upmarket manufacturer: The 100% electric BMW i3  costs from £25,680 and has a range of between 81 and 100 miles.

Lexus RX450h

For the family that live out in the country and want a crossover hybrid: The Lexus RX450h costs £48,495 and produces 145g/km of CO2.

Mitsubishi Outlander

A family of four who travel 25 miles per day but want a fairly big boot space: The Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid costs £28,249, has a range of 513 miles and produces only 44g/mile of CO2.

Renault Zoe

The young professional who drives into the city everyday but doesn’t have a family: The Renault Zoe costs £13,995 and has a range of 130 miles.

Toyota Prius

The big family with one parent who has a very long commute into work: The Toyota Prius Plug-in costs £28,245 has a range of 700 miles and produces 49g/mile of CO2.

Nissan Leaf

A couple who both commute to the city on a daily basis but don’t have a family: The Nissan Leaf costs £21,490 and has a range of 124 miles.

*Have you gone ultra-low emission? Would you recommend it to others? Let us know.