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Council Parking Charges Hit £411 Million

English Council Car Parking Revenue

Councils in England earned over £411 million from parking charges in 2011/12 - a 14.9% increase compared to the previous year. Furthermore - according to The Institute of Advanced Motorists that revealed this information - Westminster Council in London was the biggest earner. It therefore took £38 million which was 8.7% more than 2010/11. This was followed by Kensington and Chelsea (£27.5m + 31%) and Camden (£25m + 18%). The biggest earning councils outside London were: Brighton and Hove (£13.7m +18.9%), Milton Keynes (£6.5m +9.3%) and Newcastle upon Tyne (£6.2m + 51%). According to The Institute, this coincided with a time that spending on road safety, education and safe routes to schools fell from £127.5 million to only £105 million (-18%).

Institute of Advanced Motorists Chief Executive, Simon Best, revealed: “Councils are making record-breaking profits from parking while cutting road safety spending on life- saving services such as education for young drivers, cycle training, and safe routes to schools schemes.” Mr Best concluded: “At the same time cuts to road maintenance will mean a backlog of repairs which will simply cost more to fix in the long term.”

Parking Fines In The United Kingdom

Councils in the United Kingdom also profited from motorists who parked illegally last year. As such – based on a Freedom of Information Request by insurance specialist – 6.8 million parking fines were issued in 2011. That was 246,255 more than the previous year. These fines earned councils at least £234 million which equated to over £19 million per-month. Interestingly, this rise coincided with a slight fall in the number of traffic wardens. Most of the parking fines were issued in London with Liverpool, Manchester, and Birmingham following in second, third, and fourth respectively. Perhaps drivers struggled to find affordable/available spaces in these cities.

Robin Reames, Chief Claims Officer at, said: “Shortage of parking has become a huge issue in towns and cities across the UK in the past five to ten years. However, this doesn’t excuse illegal parking. Although it might be an easy option to park on a double yellow for a short time it’s potentially dangerous as well as being illegal, and can result in a fine. Furthermore, if your illegally parked car is a hazard and a moving vehicle crashed in to it, an insurer could in theory request up to a third of the bill from the at fault motorist.”

What is new about this,the motorist is always being screwd in the UK, I think it is a crime to pay for parking,we all pay our council tax yearly so I don't see why we have to pay for parking.I will always aoid paying for parking by parking where it is free and take the long walk into the village.

this is what the UK is now a load of shite

Its like everything else now, in blighty! why the shock?

Whys this a surprise? Councils generate income from fines at the same time as the Govt slash the grants given to Councils for road maintenance. Blame the Govt, not the Councils, they have to balance the budget somehow whilst Pickles feeds lies through the press

I use electronically randomised registration plates. No probs parking.

The greed manifested by local councils is becoming a scandal, and not just on the motoring front. It isn't that they plug potholes with the same quality tar gypsies use to perform a 'quickie' on your front drive, its the price they pay for the tar - which just happens to come from a supplier not too far distanced from a councillor, maybe? Too much money circulating with too little result, and 'local representatives' with very deep pockets...


I parked in Welling, Kent, in an area that had signs stating that you should park with your nearside wheels on the curb. The curb was toughened concrete, other cars were parking in tghe same manor. I got a ticket. I tried appealing but the council said there is no on curb parking in that borough. Why the signs then?

I recently parked on a meter,...crossed the road to buy a ticket...crossed back,...and found a traffic warden starting to issue a ticket!!!...despite also displaying a BLUE BADGE! Kensington and Chelsea, of course.

Being a disabled pensioner and blue badge holder with limited funds at my disposal, and dependent on my car for getting about, I tend to avoid visiting places where they charge for parking!

If you dont pay for parking, even if is only for 5 mins then its your own fault. The other 2 older cars probably paid for their parking. Its not them targeting the rich everybody is susceptible to the law

Councils are desperately short of money and will happily increase the parking revenue grab - it is up to us to deprive them by attention to rules. The link between such revenue and transport spend has sadly long been broken.

It's disgrace that council's are making so much profit yet they r not spending on road maintenance at all.potholes on roads r so bad that evry time wen u r driving on these horrible roads u r thinking y the hell we r paying the road tax.i want to start a campaign that we shouldn't pay the road tax unless we get betr roads.evry pothole u go through u damage ur car n it's not the council who pay the repair bill.evry corner u turn they r trying to squeeze money out of seems like its a crime driving on Britaish roads.

I live in Manchester and parked on a meter 5 mins before the time for paying expired and didnt pay. I was in a new company car in front and behind were cars not worth the vauie of the parking tickets. When I returned 10 mins later I had a ticket but the other 2 cars didnt. Shows parking wardens only target people who can pay