posted 3 years ago

Country Roads Prove to Be 'Most Dangerous'

Figures released by the Department of Transport show that the UK’s country roads are the most dangerous resulting in three people killed every day.

Figures revealed by the Department of Transport show that over a thousand people were killed and more than nine thousand injured on country roads last year. During that period, three hundred and forty-eight of the fatalities occurred on a bend. Country roads often have sharp bends and blind bends which can hide unexpected hazards.

New Country Roads Campaign

Due to the shocking statistics the Department for Transport road safety project THINK! has launched a new country roads campaign to encourage motorists to drive more carefully, anticipate hazards and brake before every bend and not on it when driving through the countryside. Stay in control and give yourself time to react. 

Rugby Star backs campaign

Former England rugby star Phil Vickery has been involved in several near misses and minor incidents on country roads and fully backs the campaign. He is shocked at the lack of care from motorists when driving round blind bends. Research shows that almost a quarter of motorists in England and Wales admit to braking too late on bends and others admit to crossing into the opposite side of the road to complete a bend faster. Road safety minister, Andrew Jones, hopes the campaign can persuade drivers to watch their speed and take care when approaching a bend.

Ten mile stretch in Lincolnshire is most dangerous 

The ten miles stretch of the A18 in Lincolnshire has proved to be the most dangerous country road, it is extremely rural and treelined as well as being winding and narrow. The second most risky stretch is the four miles of the A36 north of Totton in Hampshire where third place is taken by the seventeen-mile length of the A588 from Blackpool to Lancaster.