posted 6 years ago

Crazy Car Modifications?

Believe it or not... a Ferrari F430 has been fitted with a black leather exterior.

Believe it or not... a Ferrari F430 has been fitted with a black leather exterior. Yes, 'exterior'. That must be one of the most tremendous – or arguably horrendous – modifications in the history of motoring. Either way, it took three specialists from customisation firm Dartz sixteen days to complete the transformation. Now, I like leather. It makes sumptuous seats, wonderful wallets, and comfortable clothing. But does it suit Ferrari? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, but someone said to me that this F430 looks like a reject from a Batman comic. That is a little harsh, though. And guess what? The modifications could have been even more divisive. Dartz, you see, once fitted an SUV with whale foreskin seats. No wonder big marine mammals are crossing their legs.

Believe it or not... the Ferrari F430's leather finish looks tame compared to some crazy car modifications. Check-out for proof. This site has funny videos and blogs - plus pictures of spoilers that are less tasteful than a microwave meal. The Porsche, BMW, and Lada images leave a particularly bad taste in the mouth. These spoilers may have been bolted to cars by aesthetically challenged motorists, but manufacturers arguably get things wrong too. The wing on the final generation Toyota Supra, for starters, reminds me of a lawn mower handle; and the Ferrari F50's straight-edge spoiler of a flat-pack shelving unit.

Believe it or not... not every car modification or spoiler looks revolting. McLaren Special Operations, for starters, create magnificent bespoke machines. Let us consider one of their projects. Take one MP4-12C, then find an old brush and paint it 'satin matte volcano orange'. Throw-in the gloss-black roof and diamond cut wheels and this rocket ship really comes to life. This beauty also has a carbon fibre steering wheel, plus carbon wheel arches and engine vents. These complement its 3.8-litre 592bhp engine that propels motorists to 62mph in 3.3 seconds. I can run faster... but only to escape sickening spoilers.