posted 4 years ago

Dacia is now in ‘Top Five Car Manufacturers’

Overtakes direct competitors for ‘owner satisfaction’

The fantastic affordable Dacia car brand has now stormed into 5th place in the Auto Express Driver Power Survey for owner satisfaction. Racking up a stunning overall score of 88.04%, Renault Group’s upstart brand blasted past hordes of other car firms, including considerably pricier brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. In the process, it overtook most of its direct competitors across a wealth of individual categories too, ranging from in-car tech to practicality and reliability. As might be expected given its keen prices, from just £5,995, its four-model range of Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Logan MCV and Duster pushed aside most of the competition for running costs, as well as fuel economy, coming an impressive second overall in both categories. Driving its low cost of ownership message home even further, it also came in eighth out of thirty three brands for servicing costs.

The Dacia car range has already taken the UK’s new and used car market by storm and it was only launched last January. Twenty four thousand cars have already been sold and the Sandero and Duster have picked up some impressive media awards. The good news just keeps on coming for Dacia and with UK customers recommending the affordable range for fantastic running costs, practicality, reliability and even in-car technology. 

Ken Ramirez, Managing Director, Renault Group UK, said “Dacia has a great reputation for affordable, high quality products, with impressive reliability. With an ever-growing trophy cabinet and a four-model range available for a full year, its sales just keep on rising. Dacia has very loyal customers right across the globe, so I’m delighted that as one of its newest markets, our UK customers are finding them such a pleasure to own.”

Dacia Duster for just £99 per month

Currently the award winning Dacia Duster is now available to new car buyers for just £99 per month. This new deal is offered through Dacia Finance and is for the Duster Access 1.6 4x2 over four years. To take up this offer you need to be quick as the Duster has to be ordered and registered before the end of the year. The Duster boasts chunky and unpretentious styling, impressive and versatile interior space, peerless build quality and unbeatable value-for-money. The front of the Dacia Duster exudes an impression of toughness with wide wheel arches and imposing lines of the chrome grille and lower bumper protection.  The interior of the Dacia Duster is modern uncluttered and functional. Its design varies according to version, and several areas can be modified with different colours or surface finishes.