posted 6 years ago

Dacia Logan MCV Cheapest New Estate

All-New Dacia Logan MCV Preview

The Dacia Logan MCV will be the cheapest new estate car on the market when it is launched this year. Prices will therefore start from roughly £8,000. The Logan MCV - which stands for “maximum capacity vehicle” - will be the load-lugging estate version of the Sandero Hatchback. However, it will be more practical as its boot will be larger then the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf Estates'. Cargo capacity will therefore be 573- litres rising to 1,518-litres when the rear seats are folded flat. There will be room for five people too. Power will come from three engines, the: 1.5-litre 90bhp diesel, 0.9-litre 90bhp petrol, and the 1.2-litre 75bhp petrol. These will be borrowed from the Sandero. Furthermore, the Logan MCV will have pleasing looks reminiscent of both its sibling and the Vauxhall Astra Estate. There will also be three trim levels but the specifications are secret for now. However, expect the basic trim to be very basic – the cheapest Sandero does not have a standard-fit radio, after all – but the top trim should have a few toys. But the Dacia Logan MCV's main strengths will be its large cargo capacity and very small price.

History of Dacia

Dacia is new to the UK but it started life in 1966 in Romania. Here the company produced various cars such as the Dacia 1100 and the 1310. However, since 1999 it has been owned by Renault who perceive it as their budget brand. Basic specifications and low purchase costs are, therefore, the name of the game. Despite this, Dacia has earned a few motoring awards in the recent past. It was also the fifth best selling car brand in France in 2011 and sold 350,000 cars in thirty-five counties the previous year. British buyers can now have the Sandero which is a five door supermini costing from £5,995. This is the cheapest new car on sale in the United Kingdom. Despite this it feels better screwed together than its rock-bottom price suggests. There is also the Sandero Stepway which looks slightly more muscular than its sibling and has higher ground clearance. Prices start from £7,995. Motorists can also purchase the Dacia Duster which looks like – and in high-spec form is – a four-wheel drive. This lifestyle statement costs from £8,995 in front-wheel-drive form and £10,995 in four. Very nice too - but I wonder what these cars will be worth in two years time.