posted 6 years ago

Dacia Sandero For £69 Per-Month

At £69 per-month, the Dacia Sandero is cheaper than a mobile phone contract.

At £69 per-month, the Dacia Sandero is cheaper than a mobile phone contract. How? Via a personal contract plan (PCP). Terms for the Access 1.2 75bhp trim - in addition to the forty-eight monthly instalments of £69 - include a £1,845.48 deposit. You could pay more to phone a cross-network mobile. At the end of the term there are three options: One, pay the £1,701 purchase fee to own the vehicle. This totals £7,106 including interest, the £99 acceptance fee, and the £149 option to purchase fee. Choice two is to return it and find another mobile device. There should be nothing further to pay subject to mileage/condition. Option three is to part exchange the supermini by starting a new PCP contract. Pleasingly, if the Sandero is worth more than the purchase fee - perhaps because it has low mileage - the difference contributes towards a deposit for the replacement. Can you get that with O2?

Alternatively, the Dacia Sandero Access 1.2 can be bought outright for £5,995. That makes it the cheapest new car on the market and less than insuring a half-decent smartphone. Why? Because Dacia – which is the budget wing of Renault – is new to the UK and wants to offer consumers value for money. As such this run-around averages a fair 47.9mpg, has five doors, a three year/60,000 miles warranty, and a class-competitive 320-litre boot. Cargo capacity, in fact, can be increased to 1,200-litres by folding the rear bench flat. Plenty of room for mobiles, then. But life is never perfect even with the latest smartphone. This entry-level trim therefore lacks air-conditioning, electric windows, power mirrors, and a CD player - and it takes a lengthy 14.5 seconds to hit 62mph. But whatever the shortcomings who can justifiably complain for £69 per-month? You can pay that for a second-hand Nokia.