posted 7 years ago

Dacia To Launch in UK

Put your smart clothes on... Dacia is to launch in the UK.

Put your smart clothes on... Dacia is to launch in the UK. What do you mean 'who'? The Dacia brand – pronounced 'Dat-ch-a' – started life in 1966 in dear old Romania. Here the company produced various cars, including the Dacia 1100 and the 1310. However, since 1999 the marque has been owned by Renault (pronounced 'Renault') who perceive it as their budget brand. Basic specifications and low purchase costs are, therefore, the name of the game. Despite this, Dacia has earned a few motoring awards since its relaunch in 2004. It also become the fifth best selling car brand in France in 2011, and during 2010 Dacia sold 350,000 vehicles in thirty-five counties. Now it is the United Kingdom's turn. Oh!

Dacia's pre-launch campaign will begin on June 28th 2012, and its showrooms will make your chequebook welcome from January 2013. UK motorists will be able to treat themselves to the Dacia Duster - pronounced 'Duster' – which is an SUV. Think Nissan Qashqai. Its price will start at £10,000 for a two-wheel-drive trim, and £12,000 for a 4x4 version. Alternatively, try the Dacia Sandero – pronounced, errrr... 'Sandero'? This five- door supermini could be sitting on your drive from £7,000. Steady though, competition in the SUV and supermini classes is extremely tough - so Dacia had best be ready for a fight.