posted 7 years ago

Daimler SP250 Police Chase Car

Every now and then something special comes on the market.

Every now and then something special comes on the market. Today is such a day. Ladies and gentleman, brace yourself for the 1962 Daimler SP250 Police Chase Car. The purpose of this legendary racer was to curb the enthusiasm of 'road hogs and ton- up hooligans'. Put simply, it was to stop high-speed 'getaway' drivers getting away. No job for a copper on a bike - or even most of the period Police cars. As such, this intimidating Daimler was demonstrated on the streets of London before entering service. What a sight. Striking jet-black paintwork, 2.5-litre V8 engine, 140bhp, auto transmission, and a convertible body shell. The prospect of facing this enforcer must have terrified the criminal fraternity. This mighty beast will be auctioned by Historics at Brooklands on October 22nd.

This poses an interesting question. Which of today's Police cars will enthusiasts crave in thirty years, How about a Vauxhall Astra Diesel? Yes please! The larger Vauxhall Omega is a viable alternative, or perhaps the Volvo V70. These 'beauties' will be easy to spot once have have finished chasing crooks through parks. The Police, somewhat inevitably, now have more gadgets than Captain Kirk. These are stuck to their dashboards via long screws that leave big 'holes' for the purists to admire. Can you get those on that Daimler?