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Dangerous Drivers Paying Others To Take Penalty Points

Dangerous Drivers Sidestep Prosecution By Blaming Others

5% of motorists have committed an offence then illegally paid someone to accept penalty points on their behalf, has claimed. A further 1% have passed on points without remuneration. 

Within the 6% total - according to the price comparison website's latest poll - 59% have avoided endorsement on 3 or more occasions. The most common reason cited for sidestepping responsibility was to maintain a clean licence (48%) - whereas 25% acted to avoid a ban.

Appalling And Concerning

The Institute of Advanced Motorists is a safety charity and its Director of Policy and Research, Neil Greig, said: “It’s appalling and rather concerning that so many people are paying others to take their penalty points.” He added: “Not only is this putting other road users at risk of bans, it also means drivers who are prone to speeding remain on the roads when they could well be facing bans.” 

Drivers Willing To Illegally Accept Points

According to the poll, 72% of motorists “would take” penalty points for a partner. They would also break the law for their children (37%), their parents (35%) and their siblings (22%). 11% of drivers said they were “unaware” that falsely accepting points is illegal. 

The percentage that claimed they would accept points varied by profession. Those that work in hospitality topped the list at 26%, followed by property (17%), and those in research industries (11%).

Of those that have accepted points, 37% did so to prevent the other party losing their job. However, 36% were only motivated by money.

Police Trace Point Swappers

Gemma Stanbury, Head of Motor Insurance at, explained: “The police are aware that there are drivers on the roads who are illegally swapping points, and motorists should remember that the police have direct access to DVLA data where they can look at anyone’s driving record to compare photos.” She added: “It can be easy for the Police to match photos using DVLA information, and to ascertain whether the person taking points is the vehicle’s driver.”

Millions Of Motorists Have Penalty Points revealed that 2,928,222 motorists currently have penalty points on their licence. Of these, 70,158 have 9 which is only 3 below the threshold for a ban. 3 points can be accumulated by speeding slightly over the legal limit once. New drivers that passed in the last 2 years can be banned once they receive 6.


I am one of those boring old codgers who repeats himself and here I go again: what this country needs isn't more regulation but better people and the reasons why we don't have better people are our schools and teachers, American movies and British tv programmes made to appeal to those who watch American movies, the lack of National Service and a celebrity admiration culture. It is a wide picture and it is wrong to try and take any part of it in isolation.

Speed DOES KILL. I think if a car hits a pedestrian then there is an 80% chance of survival at 30mph and an 80% chance of death at 40mph. We should all relax a bit and travel more slowly, take a couple of minutes more over the journey and arrive less frazzled. I don't agree with the 50 mph limits becoming 60 - the roads didn't change. Why should people drive at excess speeds on any road including motorways, but especially in built up areas, putting the rest of us in more danger of serious accidents. It seems utterly selfish to me.

I have to agree with Brian E about the traffic lights and maintaining traffic flow. I remember the trial on the A4 round Slough. It was wonderful. You got stopped at one traffic light. Once you got through that as long as you maintained approx 40mph you would arrive at the next set of lights just as it went green. No drag racing away from the lights and no harsh braking, you just pootled along going through light after light without stopping. Maybe not suitable in all places but I'm sure it could be implemented more often.

Legally speaking a speed camera should only be placed at any spot where there is a history of accidents - particularly speed related ones. So far virtually all, but not quite, of the ones I'm aware of are sited where they can raise the maximum revenue. In particular at the bottom of steep hills where the posted limit changes from the National limit to 40 or even 30. How stupid do they think we all are? I know that more than a few get 'caught out', but most of them deserve to lose money, get points or have their licences withdrawn. However even the best of us can slip up on occasion. Saying that I've never had a speeding fine in my 45+ years of driving *touch wood*. Would I take points for someone else? Not for money, but even I have my 'price'!

some years ago I bought a new car, later that day a mother and daughter (50s & 20s) drove into my back at lights.... result = new car after 3hrs. THEN got call from husband to ask if he could be driver and take points and pay for damage.... this was after 10days... I'd had the car replaced day of accident on insurance... he got really nasty because I wouldn't co-operate... until he realised the cost of the damage apparantly BOTH women had licences full of points for due care and dangerous but nothing over 25mph

Just to think that under 3 million people are criminals! And most won't realise it

I find it unbelievable that 11% of drivers did not know that it is illegal to falsely accept points for someone else. As according to the poll 72% would take the penalty points for someone else, then why not make the offence of speeding carry an automatic 3 month driving ban, and then lets see who would be happy to protect these dangerous drivers by taking their ban for them.

If traffic lights on main roads were set to allow free passage at speeds of 28-30mph 95% of speeding would cease,(but a lot of income would be lost)this technology is over50 years old (used on the Slough bypass in the sixty's)and by keeping traffic moving it would also reduce pollution.

All speed cameras should be removed, they are only for revenue, statistics are manipulated to make people believe the cameras are reducing accidents.

What a legal scam !!! Many Many drivers have been fined for just a few mph above the limit, caught by cameras hidden by roadside clutter like polls, signs and foliage. Speed does not kill, but inappropriate speed can, if it was an important issue there would be cameras outside hospitals, schools, and old folks homes, but where I live there are no deterrents outside those institutions, and cameras are sited where they make most money. The Labour gov used we motorists as a cash cow to fund crackpot schemes, and the Tories have let it continue, it is high time we had higher speeds on our major roads and motorways.

The punishment should fit the crime. Speed, no matter what your read DOES NOT KILL. Fact, no-one is dying because of the speed the earth revolves (900 MPH if you're wondering), Modern car brakes have routinely proven that at 70mph, car's can stop is far less then 315 ft... I will concede that speeding in built up areas is a problem and actually would welcome harsher sentencing, but motorways, let's be sensible about this speed issue. The elderly driving at 45 on a motorway is just as dangerous possibly more so.

This is appalling that dangerous drivers are committing such a crime! Every fine should be looked at by photo to ensure the correct driver is being fined. But as usual this won't be done due to lack of funds etc